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Respect forms an important part of our sport and it's everyone's duty to uphold expected conduct within the community. In situations where this hasn't happened, QuidditchUK has a Conduct Policy for handling complaints and taking disciplinary action against players, clubs, or volunteers when needed.

Due to the nature of the issues it handles, this is a long policy which includes details not applicable to every situation. To help you find what you're looking for we have several guides on specific issues or parts of the policy.

If you're still stuck on what to do, please get in touch!


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Making a Complaint

This guide will walk you through the process of making a complaint from start to finish.

Updated: August 2023

Outstanding Actions

Below are any outstanding actions QUK has taken against individual players or member clubs. These are provided here so that, for example, club leadership can see any outstanding actions against their members and so that community event organisers to see if there are any players currently facing bans.



Gio F

In June 2023 was banned from Media Director role indefinitely. Ban is eligible for review from June 2024.

Assessed by Milo To, Alexandria Freeman, Chloe Durkin and Lee Sykes

Tom W

In March 2023 was banned from QUK events, membership, and all member club trainings. Ban holds indefinitely and is eligible for review from March 2026.

Assessed by Megan Golding and Josh Fogg

Tev W

In January 2020 was banned from QUK events, membership, and all member club trainings. Initial ban was eligible for review from January 2023. Reviewed January 2023 and ban made indefinite.

Assessed by Harry Smith and Abby Whiteley.
Reviewed by Megan Golding and Abby Whiteley

Ben P

In June 2022 was banned from QUK events, membership, and all member club trainings. Action holds indefinitely.

Assessed by Josh Fogg and Abby Whiteley.


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