Team Scotland

Team Scotland consists of the greatest quadball athletes competing in Scotland. These players represent both Scotland and the United Kingdom at the highest level of international quadball throughout Europe and the wider world.

Players are dedicated athletes and activists to the sport, donning the blue and white uniform with pride as they show both the elite level of play the UK can offer and the community’s values that we honour. Many players are impactful leaders or contributors in the quadball community, coaching their own teams, organising their own tournaments, volunteering with QuadballUK directly, or managing both university and community clubs alike.

The team train once a month across the 4 Scottish cities home to other local clubs; Edinburgh, Glasgow, St Andrews, and Stirling. With an active training squad of 25, all Team Scotland trainings are composed of 1 Day open practice sessions, where anyone who wants to get better at the sport can come along and benefit from the experienced coaches, and a day of closed practice for only those selected to be on the squad.

Any QuadballUK member with Scottish heritage or currently playing for a Scottish club is eligible to put themselves forward for consideration for the national team. Those interested in being scouted can register their interest on the form at the bottom of this page. Specific information on selection and eligibility can be found under National Team Policies on our policies section of the website.

Team Staff

Team Manager

Rebecca Norman

Head Coach

Emma "Jandels" Humphrey

Assistant Coach

Ben Zinger

Coaching Aide

Emmanuel Fiagbedzi

Coaching Aide

Jan Schillmöller


Alexander Strachan

Caroline Brun

Alec Brun


James Riches

Hannah Glover

Katy Lawrence

Kieran Newton

Natalie Smith

Ross Wiseman

Sam Frohlich


Nicolås Casillas

Luke Stevens

Yanna Colmerauer

James King-Nickol

Jack Murray

Charlie Matthews

Register your interest today through your QuadballUK account, by completing your National Team Profile!


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