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There's a lot of admin that goes into making real life quadball work, currently, QuadballUK has 100+ staff members all doing their bit to fulfill each season presented to them. QuadballUK houses eight core and three auxiliary departments:

Presidential, Clubs, Events, Gameplay, Media, Operations, Technology & Volunteers

Our auxiliary departments are:

The Youth Department, our National Teams: England, Scotland and Wales, and the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee

Whether you're a Content Creator working within our Media team or the Secretary to the President, all of our volunteers play an important role in making us better than we were yesterday.

Interested in finding your place as part of the team? Why not have a look at all the available roles that we're currently recruiting for on our volunteers page.

Presidential Department

Oversee the direction and leadership of QuadballUK as a sport and organisation. Department workload includes executive decision making, partner relationship management, supervising volunteers and projects, policy drafting, representing QuadballUK nationally and internationally, and chairing regular meetings.

Get in touch via;; or

Declan Ramsay


Alexandria Freeman

Vice President

Amanda Baillie


Clubs Department

Oversee the development and administrative aspects of QuadballUK clubs. Department workload includes player transfer administration, improving the standard of play through coaching programmes, mediating club or team issues, directing communication between clubs and QuadballUK leadership.

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Megan Golding

Clubs Director

James Gratton. QuadballUK's Assistant Teams Director smiles to camera.

James Gratton

Assistant Clubs Director

Rebecca Norman

Scottish Expansion Manager

Max Xavier Parsons

Welsh Expansion Manager

Amber Connerton

Southern Expansion Manager

Events Department

Oversee the creation, development, and management aspects of official QuadballUK events. Department workloads include event bidding, schedules and formatting, venue search, third-party accreditation, and tournament direction.

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Jepha Krieg

Events Director

Amanda Baillie

Assistant Events Director

Sam Claxton

Events Partnerships Manager

Betsy Lewin-Leigh

Scheduling Coordinator

Chris Jones

First Aid Coordinator

Henry Barrett

Events Officer

Thomas Bearman

Events Officer

Abby Whiteley

Events Officer

Mattie Pyall

Events Officer

Meg Johnston

Events Officer

Gameplay Department

Oversee the creation and development of resources and training for referees and match officials across QuadballUK. Department workload includes rulebook adjustments, training resources, field testing, and standardisation of official ability across QuadballUK fixtures and leagues.

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Josh Armitage

Gameplay Director

Ashara Peiris. QuadballUK's Referee Development Coordinator smiles to camera.

Ashara Peiris

Referee Development Coordinator

Andrew Hull

Tournament Gameplay Coordinator

Cameron Bell

Tournament Gameplay Coordinator

Callum Brennan

Gameplay Officer

Chris Tyas

Gameplay Officer

Media Department

Oversee all aspects of QuadballUK media and marketing. Department workload includes social media management, film and photography, copywriting, public relations and releases, content creation, website development, graphic design, and media resource creation for clubs.

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Gemma Gedling

Media Director

Sam Instone

Assistant Media Director

Emma Deacon

Videography Coordinator

Ocean Chan

Photography Coordinator

Esther Holt

Social Media Officer

Archie Wilson

Content Creator

Robin Johnson

Content Creator

Cui Li

Content Creator

Izzy Brown

Content Writer

Dan Golding

Media Officer

Rhys Jenkins

Media Officer

Operations Department

Oversee the financial, legal, and logistical aspects to QuadballUK. Department workload includes merchandise, budgeting, expenses, sponsorships, and policy oversight.

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Jake Adcock

Operations Director

David Goswell. QuadballUK Operations Assistant smiles to camera.

David Goswell

Operations Assistant

Sim Thornton. QuadballUK Operations Assistant smiles to camera.

Sim Thornton

Operations Assistant

Laura Gascoyne

Operations Assistant

Tristan Harris

Operations Assistant

Phil Sam

Finance Advisor

Technology Department

Oversee the software which underpins QuadballUK's work. Department workload includes development and maintenance of our website, membership system, scouting system, and scheduling integration.

Get in touch via

Michał Kreft

Technology Director

Arthur East

Technology Officer

Khadija Ludhi

Technology Officer

Matt Smith

Technology Officer

Volunteers Department

Oversee the ever important recruitment and wellbeing of our volunteers. Department workload includes recruitment of volunteer staff, development and training, health and wellbeing, volunteer disciplinary matters, and identifying areas within QuadballUK that require volunteer resource.

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Milo To

Volunteers Director

Dan Holmes

Assistant Volunteers Director

Katie Burstow

Safeguarding Lead

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee are working to make the landscape for players and volunteers in the UK more inclusive and safe. The committee aims to facilitate conversations and understanding around issues that affect minority group members, ensure that safety is transparently held at the forefront of the organisation’s working, and maximise opportunities for development for minority group members and the wider community as a whole.

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Lee Sykes

EDI Co-Chair

Rudi Obasi-Adams

EDI Committee Officer

Anjit Aulakh

EDI Committee Member

Gemma Woolliscroft

EDI Committee Member

Arjun Sharma

EDI Committee Member

Joshua Hartley

EDI Committee Member


The Youth department was introduced in 2020 as another integral part to assist QuadballUK's outreach to younger generations who are interested in playing the sport.

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Katy Sherrat. QuadballUK's Youth Quadball Liason smiles to camera.

Katy Sherrat

Youth Manager

National Team Staff

Develop, coordinate, and train the most talented players in the country at the highest levels of competitive international quadball.

Get in touch viaEngland:; Scotland:; Wales:

Tristan Harris

Team England Manager

Lucy Nicholls. Manager for Team Wales smiles to camera.

Lucy Nicholls

Team Wales Manager

Rebecca Norman

Team Scotland Manager

Charlie McLeod. Head Coach for Team Wales poses for camera.

Charlie McLeod

Team Wales Head Coach

Max Xavier Parsons

Team Wales Assistant Manager

Emma "Jandels" Humphrey

Team Scotland Assistant Manager

Enrica Biasi

Team England Assistant Manager

Seb Waters. Assistant Coach for Team England smiles to camera.

Seb Waters

Team England Assistant Coach

Benjamin Zinger

Team Scotland Assistant Coach

Scott Suri

Team Wales Assistant Coach

Matt Bateman

Team England Coaching Aide

Clare Hutchinson

Team England Media Coordinator

Robyn Lancelotte

Welsh Media Coordinator

National Team Scouts

Alex Christison

Head Scout

Ed Brett


Douglas Bryant


Carina Werner


Liza Niedermaier-Reed


Kyle Bolderson


Sam Spencer


Emma "Jandels" Humphrey


Arjun Sharma



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