Funds and Resourcing

QuidditchUK recognises that resource or lack of finances can sometimes restrict clubs and teams from training or growing as well as they could. Because of this QuidditchUK offers several small, obligation free, financial grants for clubs that are looking to increase their training capabilities or grow their club to a wider base of members.

Whether you're starting a brand new QuidditchUK club, investing in new club equipment, paying for travel or training, marketing the sport to new players, or even if the club has run into some unexpected financial hardship; QuidditchUK may be able to help.

Funds are open for application at certain points during the season, for more information please check the Club Grant Eligibility Policy to see our approval and application process.

If you'd like to know more about what grants we have available, or to find out if your club is eligible, please get in touch with our Expansion Department to find out.

Available Grants

Start Up Fund

A fund for brand new clubs wanting to join QuidditchUK, designed for those who need a financial boost to get themselves underway within their university or community.

Expansion Fund

A fund designed for existing QuidditchUK clubs, designed to help them cover costs for new equipment, training or travel costs, marketing and social media, and hiring venues for local tournaments.

Emergency Fund

A fund for existing clubs who have suddenly found themselves in financial hardship, or to assist against surprise costs to the club during the regular season.

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