National team scouts taking notes on new and upcoming talent during a game of quidditch


Welcome to the new QuadballUK Scouting Program, built from the ground up to service all 3 of our National Teams. Recruiting the most talented players from across the UK to ensure a bright and successful future on the international stage for England, Scotland, and Wales.

The Scouting Program aims to make the process of getting invited to a National Team Training squad open and available to all players; giving a clear path from joining a club and playing your first tournament, to getting invited to a National Team training squad. Another key goal of the program is feedback, ensuring those who get scouted receive actionable feedback, with the aim of improving the level of quidditch throughout the UK.

The Scouting Process

Details on how you can get involved, and how the whole process will work:

  1. Complete your National Team Profile, available inside your QUK account. This profile will be visible to all scouts and National Team staff, completing it shows your interest in the programs and your ambition to play on a National Team.
  2. Apply to be scouted at an upcoming event, using the form in your account. Applications for each event will start 4 weeks before an event (live for 2 weeks), and are open to everyone eligible for a QUK National Team. 
  3. We will endeavour to scout as many people as possible per event, depending on the number of scouts and their availability.
  4. Using your National Team Profile, we will determine who to scout at each event, with results emailed out approximately 1 week before. All unsuccessful applicants will be given a reason in the response email, and encouraged to apply again in the future.
  5. Successful applicants will be scouted at the event. You’ll be assessed by one of our team of scouts, who’ll judge you on your ability, attitude, and potential, before completing a scouting report.
  6. The National Team staff will then analyse your report, and, along with discussions involving the scouting team, they’ll decide on any next steps.
  7. All players who are scouted will receive a copy of their scouting report along with the result and possible additional feedback. If unsuccessful, the reasons will be provided in the report.
  8. If successful, congratulations! Your new National Team Manager will get in touch to work out the next steps - this might look different for each National Team. It’s time to get to work!

We’re incredibly proud of the Scouting Program, and especially the impressive team of scouts that have been assembled to help make it a success.

Featuring a diverse array of some of the most experienced quidditch minds in the UK, they’ll always be happy to talk quidditch and answer any of your National Team questions when on duty at events. Check them out below.

National Team Co-Head Scout

Elliot Fisher

National Team Co-Head Scout

Fey Davies

National Team Scout

Douglas Bryant

National Team Scout

Edward Brett

National Team Scout

Liza Niedermaier-Reed

National Team Scout

Carina Werner

National Team Scout

Sam Spencer

National Team Scout

Arjun Sharma

National Team Scout

Emma "Jandels" Humphrey

We're still looking to expand the Scouting Team and our coverage of events across the UK, if you're interested then please apply here.

Register your interest today through your QuadballUK account, by completing your National Team Profile!


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