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Quadball is the world's first full contact, all genders sport. Started in 2005 by a few friends trying something new, today Quadball is a vibrant, inclusive sport with over 10,000 athletes worldwide in over 40 countries.

In the UK we have over 350 athletes who compete domestically in our University and Community Leagues who represent the entire spectrum of abilities, genders, sexualities, cultures, and span the length and breadth of the UK from Edinburgh to Exeter and from Swansea to York.

Our youth partner Enrich Education facilitates Quadball sessions in schools, with over 30,000 children taking part at 200 schools in Academic Year 2022-23.

Quadball is proudly a LGBT+ friendly sport with rules designed to include trans and non-binary athletes. Female athletes are our largest single gender demographic, and all games are played with a maximum gender rule that ensure all genders get to participate in every game.

Quadball Brings New People Into Sport

Our research shows a majority of all our athletes had never played a sport before joining Quadball. Independent study has shown that Quadball also encourages further sports participation.

Participation in sports is proven to provide a wide range of benefits and positive outcomes, from improvements for individual physical and mental health, social connection and acceptance, community cohesion, and economic returns. Sports England reports for every £1 invested in grassroots sport generates £4 of value to the UK economy.

Quadball is one of the most inclusive sports in the world

Of our athletes, many had never played a sport before joining Quadball:


of our all athletes


of our Non-Binary athletes


of our Trans athletes


of our female athletes had never played a contact sport before joining Quadball


of athletes go on to play an additional sport after joining


of our athletes identify as LGBT+ compared to 1.5-2.5% of the general UK population

We are QuadballUK

QuadballUK is the National Governing Body for Quadball in the UK. Since 2012 we've been organising regional, national, and international quadball events. We oversee teams and individual memberships, develop players and volunteers, and administer the national teams for England, Scotland, and Wales.

Partnership Opportunities

As a growing sport, QuadballUK is looking for partnerships of all sizes that can mutually benefit our partners by providing access to a unique and underserved market, and to our players and teams who would greatly benefit from our partners goods and services. We are open to all sorts of partnerships, from straight up sponsorship of our teams and events, discounts and deals for Quadball players, to advertising directly to our audience. Below are a few specific opportunities we have open right now but if you have something else in mind, please let us know!

Regional and National Events

Our events are spectacular opportunities to advertise and promote your brand. This can be through in person advertising, service provision at the event, and through advertising slots during our livestreams to reach a wider audience. Events are attended by hundreds of players and spectators, and our National livestreams have thousands of views and draw from an international audience.

National Teams

Our National Teams represent the very best of the United Kingdom and play at International Events like European Games, World Cup, and Quadball Nations Cup. We are offering shirt branding opportunities for all 3 teams.

Player Benefits

Quadball is a sport that requires a lot of investment from athletes up front, both general sports gear such as mouthguards, boots, kit; and specialist gear like brooms, hoops, or flag shorts. We are looking for sponsors who partner with us to provide this gear or any ancillary benefit for our athletes (e.g. Gym membership) to improve their experience and lower the barrier to entry.

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