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Referees are essential for the safe and fair running of a game of quidditch. This page hosts all of QuidditchUK's base game-official information, as well as resources on becoming a better referee; but if you have any other questions then please contact our Gameplay Department.

A good referee must be focused, able to make decisions under pressure, resolve conflicts, have a working knowledge of the rulebook, and be able to manage and oversee fair and safe running of a quidditch match.

QuidditchUK Referees are paid nominal amounts that scale with your role, experience, and ability; non-playing referees at official QuidditchUK events may have their travel and accommodation expenses supplemented in addition to their payment.

Referee Qualifications

All referee qualifications used in by QuidditchUK are registered and standardised by the International Quidditch Association.
In order to gain qualification, please visit

N.B. you must be qualified before refereeing at an official QuidditchUK or European Quidditch event.

Head Referee

Head Referees oversee and control the entire game from start to finish.

They follow quaffle play, determine goals, issue cards and warnings to fouling players, liaise with team leadership, maintain safety of athletes, and they are the final decision maker regarding rules and play for the match.

Assistant Referee

Assistant Referees oversee and control the bludger and off-ball aspects of the game.

They issue beat and safe calls, manage boundary rulings, advise the head referee on incidents, issue warnings to players for foul play, and gauge card-able offences.

Snitch Referee

Snitch Referees control the snitch runner and seeker interaction.

They determine the validity of a catch, ensure safety and fairness, watch bludger play against seekers, and gauge legal contact between seekers and snitch runners.

Non-qualified positions

These positions are also necessary for a smooth-running game of quidditch, but do not require earning a qualification beforehand.

Goal Referee

One goal referee stands behind each set of hoops and judges whether or not the quaffle went through the hoop, signalling this to the other referees.


The scorekeeper keeps a written record of the game, including keeping track of the current score and noting down card-able offences.


The timekeeper keeps track of game time - stopping it during brooms-downs - and is responsible for releasing the seekers and applying snitch runner handicaps at the appropriate times.

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