Racial Discrimination

This page is a supplement to our Conduct Policy, acting as a guide to recognising racially motivated discrimination and what to do if you are being discriminated against. Any questions or concerns about the issues raised in this policy should be directed to the Volunteers Director or Equity, Diversion, and Inclusion Committee. Please see below for a list of whom to contact in order to report a racially motivated discriminatory incident.

Updated: August 2023


QuadballUK does not tolerate racial discrimination of any kind towards its members or volunteers. We take the matter very seriously and have published this resource which we hope makes clear our commitment to eradicating racial discrimination wherever it is found.

All members of QUK have a responsibility to comply with this policy and to treat all members, players, officials, and volunteers of all backgrounds with dignity and respect.

QUK encourages you to report any incidents of racial discrimination that you experience and or witness. Allegations of racial discrimination will be dealt with seriously and confidentially. Members should not fear victimisation upon bringing complaints.

What is racial discrimination?

Racial discrimination is when a person is treated unfairly because of their race. This may have the effect of making a person feel offended, humiliated, uncomfortable and/or intimidated, where a reasonable person would anticipate that reaction in the circumstances.

Race includes colour, nationality and citizenship, and ethnic or national origins. However, if a person is not part of a certain group it may still be seen as discrimination if someone discriminates against them because they think that they are. This is known as discrimination by perception.

Racial discrimination can be direct or indirect. It may also be experienced as a consequence of racial harassment or racial stereotyping, and could result in victimisation. Racial discrimination is not always deliberate. Race discrmination can be intentional or unwittingly applied but the impact on the victim should be the key. A person may exhibit discriminatory behaviours without realising it or meaning to, however this could still result in an incident of racial discrimination.

Race discrimination can take many different forms and all are unacceptable. Below is more information on examples of conduct which may constitute racial discrimination and are clearly unacceptable, however this list is not exhaustive. There is no requirement for the behaviour to be repeated or frequent, a single incident will constitute racial discrimination if sufficiently serious.

Direct Racial Discrimination

Treating a person less favourably than somebody else would be treated in the same circumstances, because of their race. Players or volunteers of any background should not be placed at a disadvantage or put in uncomfortable positions as a result of their race.

Indirect Racial Discrimination

When practices or policies that have been put in place that could disproportionately negatively affect a particular racial group. Certain rules or practices carried out by clubs may be difficult for some players to adhere to or maintain due to cultural differences. 

Racial Harassment

Includes any unwanted conduct related to a person’s race, especially when it disregards their dignity or personal safety, or fosters an unwelcoming environment. Undermining a person with unwelcome jokes, insults, and pranks could lead to feelings of serious discontent for the affected persons.


May come about as a direct result of reporting a complaint about a behaviour that a person has experienced. A person should not be made to feel uncomfortable upon filing a grievance following an instance of racial discrimination.

Discrimination by Association

A form of direct discrimination by which a third-party is the recipient of negative behaviour due to their affiliation with a member of a protected group. Discriminatory actions may have been taken against a person because of the race of somebody that they are connected with, such as a close friend or significant other.


Attributing the same assumed traits to all members of a group, regardless of who the individual may be. It is often based on false assumptions, generalisations, and misconceptions.  Stereotypes most commonly have negative connotations about a group of people. Expressing stereotypes, even with good intentions, may still be perceived as negative or harmful by those who are targeted.

If you are in any doubt as to whether an incident or series of incidents which have occurred constitute racial discrimination, then in the first instance you should approach a trusted QUK volunteer confidentially, on an informal basis. Please see the list below for relevant individuals who could be contacted. They will be able to advise you as to the most appropriate form of potential further action, in which case the matter will be dealt with formally.

How do you report racial discrimination?

If an incident occurs which you think may be an example of racial discrimination it may be possible that it can be dealt with by explaining to the offending person that the behaviour is not acceptable and that you do not want it to happen again. However, this may not work or you may not wish to confront the individual concerned, in which case you should use the procedure set out below.

Below is a list of people you should contact to report the allegation, in order of relevance:

  1. Volunteers Director
  2. Another volunteer within the Volunteers Department
  3. Vice-President
  4. President
  5. Clubs Director

You may also use the Contact Us form on our website; this will be sent to the Secretary who will triage it to a relevant volunteer without a conflict of interest.

How does QuidditchUK respond to racial discrimination?

QUK will open an investigation, which will be conducted thoroughly and fairly. It will not be carried out by anyone having a conflict of interest with those involved. You'll be asked not to discuss the investigation of the alleged incidents with others, and a prompt timetable will be set out for the investigation.

To establish the full details of what has happened it may be necessary to speak to all parties including any witnesses. However you will never be required to attend any interview alongside the subject of the complaint. QUK may carry out other methods of investigation as deemed appropriate.

It will be easier to investigate if you are able to provide clear information about the complaint. Issues which may be raised with you may include:

  1. What happened, when and where?
  2. Whether or not the situation is ongoing.
  3. Were there any witnesses to the incident, or is there any written documentation?
  4. Do you know of anyone else who has suffered from the same kind of behaviour from this person or persons?
  5. Have you notified anybody else of the situation?
  6. What has been done about the situation?
  7. What do you want done about the situation?

At the conclusion of the investigation disciplinary action may be taken against the subject of the complaint and, depending on the circumstances of that individual and the seriousness of the complaint, may result in the removal and barring of that individual from any QUK event or member team training.


All members should be aware of their responsibilities, and know that those perpetrating racially motivated discrimination will be subject to the Conduct Policy enforced by QUK with zero tolerance. We hope that by issuing this resource we have made clear our commitment to keeping our community free from racial discrimination.


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