Past Assessment Reports

Once a complaint and disciplinary process have concluded the outcome is given in brief here. If it's safe to do so and the person submitting the complaint agrees, the full report is made public here. Otherwise, a brief outline of the complaint is given anonymously. This may be used to see the precedent of how certain issues were handled in the past under our conduct policy.

This page does not include incidents where a complaint was made and later withdrawn, where insufficient information was provided by the person complaining, or there are serious confidentiality and wellbeing ramifications. If you believe any information here is incorrect or otherwise have concerns, email the volunteers director who will address any issues.

Updated: July 2022

Incident 202207240

Page perpetuated rape culture through sharing a fantasy of sexual assault. No action taken since identity of page's moderator unknown.

Assessed by Josh Fogg.

Incident 202207050

Phoenix Quidditch broke referee quota by leaving a fixture early and abandoning volunteering slots. Speaking captain Olly Nguyen given a match ban.

Assessed by Executive Management Team.

Incident 202206170

Volunteer shared private communication between QUK and a club with a third party. Volunteer given a verbal warning.

Assessed by Josh Fogg.

Incident 202205110

Player caused distress through untrue allegations, took improper actions as Inclusion Officer, and hindered QUK's investigation. Player was given a written warning.

Assessed by Josh Fogg, Abby Whiteley, and Eamonn Harrison.

Incident 20220330

Allegations of past sexual harassment. Key individuals had since left the sport so investigation closed due to lack of progress.

Assessed by Abby Whiteley, Josh Fogg, and Chloe Durkin.

Incident 202111230

First aider used vulgar language toward player with a head injury. QUK fulfilled request to have a 'quiet word' with the first aider.

Assessed by Abby Whiteley.

Incident 202104272

Non-binary player who identified as a woman was discriminated against when rejected from a tournament for women and AFAB players. No action taken due to time elapsed, but practice reviewed.

Assessed by Josh Fogg.

Incident 202104271

Complaint received that national team leadership discriminated on basis of nationality. QUK determined no offence took place.

Assessed by Josh Fogg.

Incident 202104270

Volunteer was removed from their position through an improper process. Official apology issued and warning given to volunteer ultimately responsible.

Assessed by Josh Fogg.

Incident 2018111510

Team showed unsporting behaviour, playing with minimal effort. Entered their next tournament as an unseeded team.

Assessed by Harry Smith.


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