September 26, 2017

Team UK are restructuring for the 2017/18 season


Team UK are Restructuring for the 2017/18 season

QuidditchUK are looking to build on the fantastic achievements of Team UK over this summer and ensure that our national squad has all of the support we can give them to succeed on a global scale. Towards that end, we have several announcements about the administrative and support structure behind the national team.

Firstly, we are sad to announce some changes in personnel. Tom Heynes will be stepping down as Team UK Manager and Dugald Young will be replaced by Ben Morton as Seeker Coach. Head Coach Emily Oughtibridge said:

"I would like to thank both Tom and Dugald for their contributions to Team UK over the last few of years. They have both changed our game for the better. Without Tom’s hard work behind the scenes to organise everything we do, we could not have had the successes we have achieved. Dugald is one of the best coaches I know and his drive to make seeking both a science and an art has made Team UK one of the best when the snitch is on pitch. It is a pity to see these two leave their roles but I wish them all the very best for their futures."

Secondly, we have implemented a new Selection Process for 2017/18 which we feel will allow the very best players to be selected for the national team, but will also increase transparency around selection criteria and enable players and coaches at club level to target key skills and competencies and improve the quality of gameplay across the board.

Finally, we will be making several changes to the administrative structure of Team UK, including the introduction of a new Research and Analysis team in order to support our coaches and maximise the potential of our athletes to succeed on an international stage. In future, the organisation of Team UK will be split into three strands, as outlined below.


Under the leadership of Head Coach Emily Oughtibridge, the Team UK coaches will continue to be responsible for all selection and gameplay decisions within Team UK.

The Team UK Coaches are:

Head Coach: Emily Oughtibridge

Beater Coach: Lucy Q

Chaser Coach: James Thanangadan

Seeker Coach: Ben Morton

Expansion Squad Head Coach: Jay Holmes

Expansion Squad Chaser Coach: Tommy Morgan

Expansion Squad Beater Coach: Dave Goddin


The Team UK administration team comprises three volunteer administrators who each take responsibility for one of: organising all logistical elements of tournament attendance; organising Team UK training weekends; and organising Expansion Squad training weekends.

The Team UK administration team are:

Team UK Administrator: Jemma Thripp

Training Squad Coordinator: Bex Lowe

Expansion Squad Coordinator: Judith Ballinger


Following the successful pilot at European Games, QuidditchUK are aiming to implement a more comprehensive system of data-oriented support for the Team UK coaches and players. The Research and Analysis team will also include Team UK scouts, who will be involved in the implementation of our selection process.

We hope that you will join us in congratulating everyone involved in Team UK for their great achievements this summer and consider getting involved behind the scenes in the lead up to World Cup 2018.

(Photography Credit - Ajantha Abey Quidditch Photography)

QUK Staff

By QUK Staff
September 26, 2017

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