Coach Jay Holmes smiles while holding a Quaffle at a Team UK training session

March 17, 2021

Jay Holmes Is Stepping Down As Team UK Head Coach


After four years of being a core part of Team UK's coaching team in a multitude of different roles, Jay Holmes has decided to call time on his current position as Head Coach for QuidditchUK's most well known national team. We're incredibly gutted to see Jay leave the position before leading a publicly announced squad to a World Cup event, which was originally planned to take place last year in Richmond, Virginia (USA).

It is with a heavy heart that Mr Holmes has made the decision to step away from his involvement in national quidditch team coaching, as he's taking up the opportunity of teaching English and rugby abroad. With Jay already familiar with the concept of teaching previously as a successful primary school teacher, this new chapter in his life serves as a stepping stone for greater things to come. In addition to his skillset to encourage the next generation, the Bangor (Broken Broomsticks) veteran played a big part in the success of captaining and organising events with Velociraptors QC. Ensuring that the northern community team reclaimed their title as 'champions' for the British Quidditch Cup 2018. This just demonstrates the sheer motivation that an individual like Jay can (and hopefully will) put into his next adventure. His determination, enthusiasm to get the ball rolling and consistant engagement within the community will be irreplacable.

Ahead of this announcement's public release, Jay requested to include this open letter directed toward the wide spread community of quidditch in the United Kingdom:

"I will throughly miss my time being so involved in this community. This is just a quick post to say thank you to everyone who has been a part of my journey in quidditch and helped me get to where I am and become who I am. I have had so many experiences that I remember fondly and have met so many wonderful people that it doesn’t feel real that’ll I’ll be stepping back from it all.

I started all of this in 2013 as a joke and it has become something so deeply ingrained about who I am that I would never believe I’d stop. Quidditch had become such a key part of everything I did, the friends that I’ve made and all the things I’ve tried to accomplish.

I wish everyone in the UK the best for the future and I can’t wait to see how the club game develops and how our national teams continue to be power houses within the sport we love. I’m really excited to see how the community grows from an outsiders perspective and the massive steps everyone takes to improving their ability and their teams.

Thank you all so much for the opportunities that you have afforded me, thank you for all the support and a final thank you to all the people who wanted me to succeed, you’re the reason I kept going. - JH"

Even before taking up the mantle of TUK Head Coach in 2019, QuidditchUK would like to thank Jay personally for the flair he's brought into the sport, especially with keeping national team trainings one to remember before the first national lockdown back in March 2020. On behalf of the entire organisation, we wish you all the best within your near future and congratulations for taking on board such a fantastic opportunity.

Whilst Jay's position within Team UK will be sorely missed, we will begin seeking a replacement Head Coach in the coming weeks and months, pending several changes and decisions being made regarding the structure of our national team programmes, and the upcoming European Games and World Cup events due to be confirmed by the International Quidditch Association shortly. An announcement will be made when the position is open.

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Sam Instone

By Sam Instone
March 17, 2021

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