Dec Ramsay playing as keeper for London Quidditch Club, running with the quaffle

August 3, 2022

Dec Ramsay heads new Technology Department


As the eagle eyed might have already spotted, we've got a new department! The new technology department will oversee all things tech within QuidditchUK, maintaining and improving our existing infrastructure and exploring how it might be expanded going forward.

This will be headed up by none other than Dec Ramsay, our current technology officer. Dec has been with QUK for over two years now, originally joining as a contractor in December 2019 to work on our website. Over time that transitioned into a permanent volunteer role, with Dec working continuously to better our website with new features and refinements. Dec's hard work here was recognised as media department champion in our 2022 awards.

Creating a new department came through reflecting on QuidditchUK's increasing use of home-grown software solutions behind the scenes. Over the last year we've launched the new scouting programme, membership interface, and Quidditch Scheduler integration. All these are powered by systems built by Dec specifically for QUK. Going forward it'll be advantageous if we can have multiple people working on these to improve our tools and further what we can achieve.

Website Notifications

One such new feature is website notifications! If you're logged into the QUK website you'll notice a little bell in the top right corner; this is where you can find all your notifications from us.

We've had feedback from members that not everyone is aware of key dates, such as when transfer windows open and close. At the moment club leadership funnel this information from QUK to members, but during busy periods this can mean important dates are easily missed. Going forward all members will be made aware of this directly through the notifications panel.

The feature has only just launched so for now only covers the transfer window, but we've plans to extend this to cover fixture deadlines, scouting windows, and more! If you have any issues you can open an issue on GitHub or email tech.

Join the team!

Do you know how to code and want to use those skills to help quidditch? Are you interesting in developing the systems which power QUK? Itching to fix that website bug that's been driving you bananas? Join the technology department!

We're looking for several Technology Officer to join Dec in the new department; if you're interested, just fill out the form below. If you want to take a peak behind the curtains beforehand check out our Github. You can also email Dec if you've any questions about the role.

Apply to Volunteer

Josh Fogg

By Josh Fogg
August 3, 2022

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