April 22, 2021

QuidditchUK partners with Quidditch Scheduler


QuidditchUK are incredibly excited to announce a new partnership with Quidditch Scheduler, a digital application built around tournament registration and management.

Developed by our very own Eamonn Harrison, he’s been hard at work integrating the Quidditch Scheduler systems with the new membership systems of QuidditchUK, working with Declan Ramsay to create a top down rebuild of how we will be operating and registering clubs and players for tournaments in the near future.

The most notable aspect of this new partnership is the direct integration of QuidditchUK and Quidditch Scheduler systems. Those who have a currently registered QuidditchUK player membership will automatically be able to log into and register with Quidditch Scheduler with that very same membership. This means your relevant information such as name or club are automatically shared, and registering in a tournament is as simple as confirming attendance and any referee or snitch running information, all while remaining entirely GDPR compliant.

Quidditch Scheduler Login

This new setup aims to remove any and all need for the previous Google Form based registration, and instead allows players to register directly with their existing QuidditchUK Membership through the Quidditch Scheduler app - including player registration and volunteer allocation, while also allowing club managers to verify registration in real time, and team captains or coaches to select and verify their competing squads for official events and fixtures.

This means no more last minute concerns about player registration, certainty for club leadership when preparing for tournaments, and ultimately resulting in both our player and volunteer base being able to experience or run their events in a far more seamless way.

We hope in time that this becomes a standard tool used by clubs and governing bodies for events and fixtures large or small, both domestically and internationally.

A huge thanks needs to be given to Eamonn Harrison and Declan Ramsay for the work they have put into building this. We’re excited to see it in use with our (very hopeful) return to competitive play later this year.

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Matt Bateman

By Matt Bateman
April 22, 2021

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