Executive Team 2022

QuadballUK is looking for some new volunteers, particularly at the senior level, to take us into the 2022-23 season! There are some amazing opportunities for people who are interested in learning more about leadership, event management, media, and giving back to the quadball community, so have a look to see what opportunities are available! 

Why are we looking for volunteers?

We have been amazed and delighted with the resurgence of quadball that we have seen post-covid. We have been lucky enough to see some amazing achievements over the last year, including:

  • England winning European Games!
  • The international début of Team Scotland and Team Wales
  • Two incredible finals in our very first separate university and community leagues
  • The first British EQC Division 1 winner in eight years - shout out to Werewolves of London!
  • A British EQC Division 2 medallist - another shout out to Southsea Quadball!

... along with so many other amazing achievements, like sponsorship with Comic Con for our BQC livestream, and several new teams starting up in the last few months! This means that there are lots of exciting new projects that we need volunteers for. In order for us to deliver the highest quality events and club services that we know we can, we need some fresh blood to help us be the best we can be. A few of our long-standing senior volunteers are moving on for different reasons you can find below, and these posts will need filling so we can continue to deliver all of our projects and events.

What are we looking for?

While volunteers in every position are incredibly important, we’re particularly looking for people to step into some leadership roles. These roles are exciting opportunities to learn new skills, get leadership experience early in your career, and make the biggest difference to quadball as it’s played in the UK!

The following roles are open for applications:

  • Vice President
  • Volunteers Director
  • Operations Director
  • Events Director

All of these roles are currently filled and have someone performing these duties, but these volunteers are approaching the end of their tenure and we’d love to see some new faces come on board. Fun fact: five members of EMT have been in post for more than two years! And just one member of EMT is from a university team (kudos to Beck Throup!). We'd love to see more volunteers from university teams, as this is a key way of making your voice heard at a high level and making sure that our decisions support all our members.

Who are we looking for?

Anyone with a passion for quadball and who is ready to learn in their new role! As university members are underrepresented in leadership roles at QuadballUK, we’d especially love to hear from university members with leadership experience at a club level - as captain, president, coach, or treasurer! However, we consider all applications and experience, so don’t be afraid to apply if you’ve held a different role or you have experience outside of quadball that would be helpful.

You don’t need years and years of experience to apply! Here are some examples of the experience that current volunteers had before taking on a leadership role:

  • Josh Fogg (current President, four-year tenure) - four months as an Operations Assistant and one year as President of MUQC 
  • Abby Whiteley (current Vice President) - one year of captaincy at OUQC and some media volunteering with QuadballUK and Quadball Post
  • Beck Throup (current Media Director) - one year on Bristol committee as Social Media Officer

I’m curious - how can I apply or find out more?

If you’d like to submit an application, you can fill out our volunteering form below and let us know which role you’re interested in! You can also look here to see further information about the roles we have available. Some roles will be released in the next week or two, so do check back if you don’t see the role you’re interested in. We don’t require a CV - just a short statement of interest outlining why you're interested, and wee'll follow up with an invitation to interview.

If you’d like to know more about what the roles entail, you can get in touch with the current volunteers to find out more. You can find their details below - we're looking forward to hearing from you!

Apply to Volunteer

Vice President - Abby Whiteley (Oxford Mammoths Quadball Club), vicepresident@quidditchuk.org

Abby is stepping down from Vice President as she’s been on EMT for three years and she’s looking forward to new volunteering opportunities, including mentoring young people in schools.

Volunteers Director - Meredith Whiting (Oxford Mammoths Quadball Club), volunteers@quidditchuk.org 

Volunteers Director is vacant because our previous Director, Josh Fogg, was promoted to President! Meredith currently sits here as Assistant Director, but we'd love to see a new face join the team.

Operations Director - Tom Hutton (Phoenix Quadball Club), operations@quidditchuk.org 

Tom has stepped down from Operations Director as he will be moving to Thailand in the next few months!

Events Director - Omar Coakley (Oxford Mammoths Quadball Club), events@quidditchuk.org 

Omar is stepping down from Events Director as he is starting a new job which requires lots of travel, which means he’ll need all his energy for getting around the country!

Assistant Media Director - Beck Throup (Bristol Quadball Club), media@quidditchuk.org 

This role has been vacant for some time; it’s an amazing opportunity to shape our media output at a senior level, and work under the guidance of a Director.


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