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QuidditchUK facilitates the main competitive quidditch season for UK quidditch clubs by organising fixtures and tournaments throughout the year, for both university and community teams. Below you can find an outline of the official events that we run, as well as guidance for attending our events as a player, volunteer, or spectator.

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Official QuidditchUK Events

Community League

Regular one-day fixtures where our community teams are split into divisions and compete to become QuidditchUK Community League Champions.

Teams play a round robin within their division, with promotion and relegation for the top and bottom respectively.

Performance will determine qualification and seeding for the British Quidditch Cup and Development Cup.

European Qualifier Tournament

Teams compete for the allocated UK spots at Quidditch Europe's European Quidditch Cup, Divisions 1 and 2. Community and university teams can qualify for EQT via early-season regional events (Community League and University Regional Leagues fixtures respectively).

Regional University Leagues

Regular one-day University League fixtures for university teams. Teams compete to become Regional University League champion. Final standings will determine qualification and seeding for the British Quidditch Cup and Development Cup.

The number of University Leagues, which will be organised via region, will depend on the number of and distribution of university teams.

Development Cup

A mixed tournament for university and community teams who did not qualify for the British Quidditch Cup. This event focuses on development of playing, coaching, and refereeing, providing mid-to-lower tier teams with an opportunity to compete for the title of Development Cup champions.

Further details on Development Cup eligibility can be found here.

London Quidditch Club celebrate their BQC win by raising the trophy

British Quidditch Cup

The premier national event of the QuidditchUK season. With the best clubs from around the country coming together for a weekend of quidditch, to determine who the British National Champions are.

The event is split into two competitions, with the Top 12 Community Teams and Top 12 University Teams competing in their own respective flights, for the right to hold the British Quidditch Cup and call themselves champions within their respective league.

The British Quidditch Cup celebrates the best of the sport and the community, with hundreds of players competing together for the greatest game in the world.

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