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QuidditchUK's Newsletter has been a continuous feature of our social media presence since early 2020. The idea behind releasing a new edition every month was developed by QUK's current Vice-President, Abby Whiteley, in collaboration with the Media department including internal volunteers to assist with content creation and outsourcing required information for print. The newsletters are now released before the first Friday every month with the motive to wrap up and recap on the previous month's achievements, events and updates from QuidditchUK as a whole.

Special thanks to our team of contributors who have worked very hard to make each edition better than the last! We've been trying to get a newsletter off the ground for a while, and it wouldn't have been possible without your dedication and overall assistance to this project.

Do you have a passion for journalism and want to further develop your skills? Interested in helping our press team make more Newsletters? If 'Yes!', get in touch with Abby Whiteley via email here or use our Contact Us form to let us in on a story/informative piece which you think could make front page of the next issue!


ISSUE #11 of our monthly Newsletter is out now! Over October, we've had the chance to celebrate the achievements of one of our longest running volunteers, give clear information on moving forward in relation to COVID-19 restrictions as well as push for our latest online event: The British Quizzitch Cup!

For more information on the above and much more - click here!

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Here you can access every edition of the official QuidditchUK newsletter.
Some future issues have been scheduled in ahead of time as we're planning to keep publishing them until the end of this season at least.

2020 - Issue #1

Published April 10th 2020

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