April 19, 2023

Urgent Volunteers Needed


Director Roles Needed

We hope that you and your teammates have enjoyed the 2022-23 season. Events are a significant proportion of what QUK provides for the community and it is something that we do prioritise.

However, due to volunteering constraints, it may be the case that we need to rethink the scope of the 2023-24 season that QUK provides.

Our Events Co-Directors have recently resigned for personal reasons, so QUK is currently seeking a new Events Director as well as President following Josh Fogg's resignation.  As the more eagle-eyed of you may be aware, the role of Operations Director has been open for over a year, and has only recently been filled.

Over the past year, the members of the Executive Management Team have struggled hugely to fill this gap, with several volunteers going above and beyond to take on Operations responsibilities, leading to volunteer burnout and exhaustion. In light of the challenges that this absence posed to the team, we believe that it is not possible for other members of the Executive Management Team to direct the Events Department in the absence of a director.

If a new Events Director is not found before June 15th 2023, QUK will not be running the recently-proposed summer community fixtures. This early deadline is put in place to allow the new Events Director a reasonable length of time in post in order to organise the first fixture for early August.

Should we not find a new Events Director by the start of the season, as well as adequate supporting volunteers for the Events Department, there will be additional changes to the season structure. This may include moving community fixtures from the summer to align with university fixtures.

In addition to the Events Director and President positions, after 4 wonderful years Eamonn Harrison has stepped down as Gameplay Director. As you can imagine, gameplay is essential to running a successful season. We are looking for someone help lead us into the future of gameplay within our sport.

These three roles are vital in running QUK and are integral members of the Executive Management Team who drive decision making within our NGB.

It Doesn't Run Without You...

The reason this sport runs is thanks to the community of people who are passionate about it and take the time and energy to dedicate to maintaining and developing it, regardless of if they are an official QUK volunteer or not. QUK need help from this very same community to keep the next seasons alive and we are calling for help from the community to step up and be the presence needed to run the next season or more.

We are also calling on the community to ask about how people can be incentivised to step up and become an official QUK volunteer. This is to combat volunteer shortages which can be detrimental to the sport. We rely on the people to keep Quadball active in the UK, and we want to know what would make people feel inspired to donate their time and knowledge directly to QUK.

All Roles Needed...

Director Roles

Events Director
Gameplay Director

Senior Roles

Northern Expansion Manager
Southern Expansion Manager
Safeguarding Lead
Tournament Gameplay Director
Video Coordinator
Assistant Volunteers Director
Assistant Media Director

Junior Roles

Clubs Officer
Events Officer
Gameplay Officer
Technology Officer
Recruitment Officer
Wellbeing Officer
National Team Coaching Trainee
Operations Assistant
Finance Assistant
Team Scotland Media Coordinator
National Team Scout
Media Officer
Content Writer
Design Assistant

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Gio Forino

By Gio Forino
April 19, 2023

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