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August 25, 2020

The Return of Josh Fogg: QUK's New Volunteers Director


Bringing experience of both playing and volunteering for QuidditchUK previously, Josh Fogg is eager to continue the work of previous Volunteers Directors, such as Molly Maurice-Smith and Mary Diomande, and push the role even further.

Whilst lockdown has halted many aspects of life, Josh has kept themself busy by doing a lot of reading which is currently focused on historical fiction. When many of us have been forced to stick to the indoors, Josh’s family have managed to find a way to bring the outdoors IN by furnishing their house with plants to the extent that it is now overflowing with leafy greens.

Josh’s sporting experience includes playing with Manchester for four years and Olympians for a part of last season. Since lockdown has halted this, Josh has spent the time reflecting upon what they could do to further contribute to quidditch’s development. This period of reflection has triggered Josh’s step to the role of New Volunteers Director – following Interim Volunteers Director, Meredith Whitning, who has been crucial to bringing on board a staggering number of volunteers during her reign in the position. All of QuidditchUK would like to thank Meredith for her dedication and hard work in the position as well as wishing Josh well in their new role!

Harnessing their passion for volunteer recruitment, Josh wanted to say a few words regarding their new role:

“Volunteer recruitment, retention, and well-being are big passions of mine and I’m excited to continue the great work of previous Volunteers Directors and take it further. Special shout out to Meredith who has been absolutely rocking it in the interim! At the moment QUK is in a better place than it has been volunteers wise and it’s important we sustain and improve on that for the challenging season to come.”

Josh’s passion will, without a doubt, make a huge impact on the volunteer division and we can’t wait to see what they bring to the team! From everyone at QuidditchUK, welcome to the team!

Photo Credit: Simon Blackshaw (The Dislodged Hoop)

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Georgia Challinor

By Georgia Challinor
August 25, 2020

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