May 27, 2021

New Resources Released By Teams & Media Depts.


QuidditchUK is excited to be able to release a few updates regarding new resources that clubs; teams and players can access before getting back into the normal full swing of quidditch this summer!

Our Teams department, James King-Nickol and James Gratton respectively, have been working incredibly hard with finding out ways of boosting recruitment across the sport within the past year, especially after an off-season caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Teams have made a valiant effort to contact all of our current member clubs, check in not just for how our teams and committees are doing – but also how are athletes have coped with strictly online socialising and limited training events to add to their quidditch experience.

Which is why we thought it would be the perfect time to announce our new Recruitment Guide for clubs to use as gospel to help with their planning for the upcoming 2021/22 season. We believe that this resource will be helpful for an abundance of clubs who are raring to go with getting back into regular training sessions, as well as future proofing their clubs success for generations to come. Whether you're a University or a Community team looking for tips & tricks, this guide is the one for developing your focus on what can be considered important, essential and necessary for the longevity of quidditch in your area!

In addition to our Teams departmental release, QuidditchUK Media have collaborated over the last few months to create a series of club based resources that can be used for a multitude of different purpose. Sam Instone, our Media Director, envisioned the redesign of the 'University' and 'Community' league logos, which can be found in their complete glory for the first time on our new Resources page!

Other features of the unique page include the placement of Team's Recruitment Guide; Expansion's 'How-To Run a Taster Session' handbook as well as Gameplay's 'Tournament Structure Database', giving clubs a helping hand with professionally organising their own events between other teams for seasons to come. The 'Official Member Team' Badge has been updated to suit QUK's new two-colour logo scheme, which can now be accessed by clubs to put on official team jerseys and kit at their discretion. With all resources mentioned previously, as well as 'Club Logos', a 'Basics of Quidditch' handy graphic suitable for freshers fairs and recruitment drives within online or in person events and general QUK branding features - all can be downloaded individually for free from us!

Happy hunting! You may be lucky enough to find some gems hidden in our new resources page that you never knew existed!

Sam Instone

By Sam Instone
May 27, 2021

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