May 4, 2021

The Olympians Beat The Taskmasters At Their Own Game


Before reading this article: Did you miss the season finale of QUK's Taskmaster competition?

You can check out the latest episode featuring our very own Secretary, Chloe Durkin, as the last Guest Judge of the series:

If you've been living under a rock for the last couple of months: Here's a round up of our Taskmaster competition that we've been running for the past two months, starting before our clubs could return to regular trainings starting with a maximum of 'groups of six'.

'Seven clubs across the United Kingdom, University & Community teams alike, duelled one another to contest how well they could perform at a series of questionable tasks - some directly unrelated to the sport we all know and love! From building trophies out of tins of chopped tomatoes and spray painted bread, to achieving flight by loading in customised painted figurines into a bottle rocket...we found ourselves a winner!

After a grand total of 252 points were awarded to our competitors for their efforts in the competition. Olympians Quidditch Club take home the grand prize, The British Quidditch Cup, in 1st place with an astonishing 70 points! Followed closely by Bristol Quidditch Club in 2nd place with 63 points as well as East Midlands Vipers Quidditch Club catching up nicely, but not enough to make this contest a three-team race to the finish line. Instead, the Vipers secured 3rd place overall with 37 points in total!'

QUK Taskmaster Finalists for the 2021 Competition. (Pictured Left to Right - Bristol Quidditch Club: 2nd Place. Olympians Quidditch Club - 1st Place. East Midlands Vipers Quidditch Club - 3rd Place.)

That's A Wrap!

8 Weeks, 8 Challenges, 8 Guest Judges, 8 Episodes (+ 2 Extended Editions)

Congratulations to the Olympians once again. You are our Taskmaster champions and get to take home the British Quidditch Cup trophy in style! (Unfortunately we weren't able to successfully reach out to Royal Mail for a sponsor regarding this escapade).

WELL DONE to all of our Taskmaster competitors - Bristol, Southampton, Southsea, Velociraptors, Vipers, Werewolves and of course our victors, Olympians! Whether you submitted for just one of the weeks or for all eight. Your commitment and efforts to each of the tasks were greatly appreciated by the Taskmaster team!

Hope you've enjoyed our take on the original Taskmaster saga, with zero budget and COVID restrictions taken into account of course. Now it's back to focusing on the real thing our community is craving for - quidditch!

We hope that competition can resume in the Summer of 2021, and will continue to keep our members, clubs and community posted every 'step' of the way. Until then, you're welcome to check out the ultimate playlist of all the Taskmaster episodes in the button below to watch on demand now!

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Sam Instone

By Sam Instone
May 4, 2021

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