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March 5, 2021

QUK Does Taskmaster


QuidditchUK is proud to announce the names of each task for our inaugural (and likely final) season of quidditch-related Taskmaster. We are also excited to announce the scoring system for all you spreadsheet enthusiasts, and crucially what you could be winning if your club claims the title of “QuidditchUK Taskmaster Champion”.

Over the course of the next eight weeks, QuidditchUK will be setting clubs eight challenging tasks to test your creativity, vision, and desperately underfed competitive spirit. The full task description will be released on Monday at 9am for each week, and the deadline to submit task materials will be on Friday evening. The hotly anticipated leaderboard update and summary of the week will be released on Sunday afternoon.

Each club may make a single submission so make sure you communicate within your club about who’s submitting your content. Entries will be judged not only on the final result of your challenge, but also how well you document the process behind your task completion. Please allow for some time to upload any video evidence via the Google Form. 

Check out our Taskmaster page hub, which will have links to the submission form for each week and more details about the tasks as they are released.

Scoring system

Each team will earn 3 points for participating in a weekly challenge.

The winning team will earn 7 points in addition to the participation points (10 points in total).

The second-place team will earn 5 points in addition to the participation points (8 points in total).

The third-place team will earn 3 points in addition to the participation points (6 points in total).

If, at the end of the final week, there is a tie on the leaderboard, multiple club representatives will be invited to participate in a final tiebreaker challenge. This will take the form of a question and the team whose answer is most accurate will be crowned champions.

International teams (representing non-QuidditchUK clubs) may participate and will be scored as the other teams are, but are not eligible to receive the grand prize.

The Grand Prize

Since it’s been a while since we’ve had it out… we’ll be awarding the club with the most points the British Quidditch Cup trophy - so you have that extra motivation to use all the wit, creativity, and skill that we haven’t been able to see on pitch for a while.

London Quidditch Club lift the BQC Trophy
QUK Staff

By QUK Staff
March 5, 2021

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