Samuel Instone shakes hand of Southampton Player (BQC 2018)

June 20, 2021

Sam Instone Steps Down


QuidditchUK are saddened to announce that after his two year tenure leading the Media Department, Sam Instone has elected to step down from his position as Media Director, leaving a strong legacy and resounding impact across the creative and communication elements of QuidditchUK.

Since coming on board he has revitalised the department from the ground up: Recruiting, leading and growing a passionate team of volunteers who are creating written works, graphic design, social media, photography and film. Sam's own relentlessness has seen him rebuilding much of the imagrey and branding of our sport here in the UK, having a notable hand in the website redesign, as well as several branding and design creations across our clubs and programmes.

Though we're certain this isn't the last we will see of Sam in a QuidditchUK role, we would still like to thank him for his time, his enthusiasm, his ideas, and above all his infectiously charming energy. He has been an ever positive presence within the Executive Management Team, and we're excited (and envious) for wherever he sends his talents next.

He leaves behind a strong and passionate department, and flashes of media brilliance across the things he's made for us over the years.

Thank you for your time and selfless service Sam, and all the best.

Media Director Role

For those interested, the Media Director role is now live on our Volunteers page.

We are seeking an engaged individual to step up into the position and lead the QuidditchUK Media Department, and also take part in the Executive Management Team to have a hand in shaping the next chapter of our sport.

If this sounds like something you're interested in, we strongly encourage you to reach out to either Sam, or our Volunteers Director, Josh Fogg. Any of them would love the chance to speak with you about the role or QuidditchUK, and even if you don't intend on applying it could be a great insight into how we work and where you might fit in somewhere else.

Apply to Volunteer

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Matt Bateman

By Matt Bateman
June 20, 2021

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