QuidditchUK Executive Management 2021

October 1, 2021

QUK's September 2021 Update


We're trialling this idea to help players get a better understanding of what UK quidditch's national governing body (that's us!) do month-to-month. These are intended to be more formal than our newsletter, serving as a monthly digest of our weekly executive minutes. Like this idea? Hate it? Thoroughly ambivalent? Let us know!

Matt Bateman looks off camera wearing a Referee shirt with with cards in his hand


We've been organising QUK appearances at ComicCon in Birmingham and London and working with Pride Sports on a potential future event collaboration. The club leadership guides to help new university committees ease into their roles are nearing release, with only formatting and media tweaks left to finish.

Fran shrugging, no idea what happened.


The first community league fixture went smoothly and the department is working on a post-event reflective report. Planning for the second fixture in October is now well under way as well as the finalising of venues for the fixtures further ahead. We are still waiting on the Quidditch Europe to finalise EQC dates so BQC can be locked in.

Open Roles: Events Director, Tournament Volunteers Officer

Keele players celebrating a win.


Our expansion managers have continued to work with clubs to ensure their return from the last season is as strong as possible, and work with interested parties on starting new teams.

Open Roles: Expansion Director

Eamonn Harrison holds a red card while refereeing a Quidditch match


Quidditch scheduler made its much anticipated debut at the first community fixture, making the scheduling far easier for players and volunteers alike. Feedback received has already been taken into further development made ahead of the next fixture. Our Snitch Development Coordinator has also started on updating our guidance for snitch runners.

Open Roles: Assistant Director

Bristol players in a team huddle.


News updates have been posted and engagement on social media has been bolstered by the restarting of events. Media presence for the next fixture has been sorted so that the library available for use can be expanded. The release of the community Discord has been delayed while focus is elsewhere, though work continues; the hope is that it will be ready by October-end.

Open Roles: Media Coordinator, Content Creator, UKQ Moderator

Tom Hutton crouched, waiting for brooms up.


Invoices have been sent out to community teams for fees due from the first fixture. We've been finalising the tax forms and annual report for the 2020/21 season which will be presented to clubs at the AGM in October. Finally, we're investigating purchasing gazebos to remove that recurring cost from events.

Open Roles: Assistant Director

A Southsea seeker wrestles with the snitch, James King-Nicholls, attempting to catch while a Chester seeker is blocked.


Support to university clubs has continued through the recruitment group and international transfers have been handled. With the focus being on recruitment and the first community league fixture the organisation of the AGM slipped; it will be scheduled in for October.

Josh Fogg stands in a come-at-me pose while on pitch and holding a Bludger


We've started our annual EDI survey of QUK's volunteers, the results of which are compared to similar data from applicants; this is used to highlight potential issues with our volunteer recruitment. We've also continued our recurring recruitment and welfare tasks.

Open Roles: EDI Committee, Recruitment Officer

Scout and manager discuss players in background.

National Teams

The new scouting system where players can put themselves forward to be scouted debuted at the first community fixture. Team England players had a training down in London and Team Wales held open try-outs in Swansea. Recruitment is also being finalised for Team Scotland's Head Coach.

Open Roles: Head Scout
Filled Roles: Scout

Josh Fogg

By Josh Fogg
October 1, 2021

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