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December 1, 2021

QUK's November 2021 Update


We're trialing this idea to help players get a better understanding of what UK quidditch's national governing body (that's us!) do month-to-month. These are intended to be more formal than our newsletter, serving as a monthly digest of our weekly executive minutes. Like this idea? Hate it? Thoroughly ambivalent? Let us know!

Matt Bateman looks off camera wearing a Referee shirt with with cards in his hand


The team have been helping Events liaise with venues, ensuring everything is in place as the season moves into 2022 with EQT, Northern League 2, Southern League 2, BQC, and Dev Cup.

Reviewing at the end of this season's community league, concerns have also been raised about the poor retention of female and non-binary players by community teams. Discussions are underway about what initiatives could be in place to address this issue.

Open Roles: President

Events volunteers in their natual habitat.


The first fixture in each of the Northern and Southern University Leagues both happened and the feedback from teams has been incredible. Looking further ahead, logistics for the EQC Qualifier Tournament in Cardiff are well underway, as well as for the second fixtures in the university leagues (venues soon TBC). The venue for Development Cup has been narrowed down to two locations in the midlands.

Filled Roles: Tournament Media Officer

Keele players celebrating a win.


Taking stock after our first round of tournaments, it's great to see that there's still a solid UK quidditch community at every level of the sport. Looking at university clubs in particular, we've seen Exeter make a solid revival and there's potential for other previous clubs to a return in the near future.

Expansion have also been in discussion with Teams about merging the two departments, putting the development and sustainability of clubs under a single roof.

Eamonn Harrison holds a red card while refereeing a Quidditch match


New referee development coordinator Emily Hayes has started work revamping resources for new referees, and more generally the department are planning referee development sessions as a recurring project for the new year.

Gameplay have continued making improvements to Quidditch Scheduler, including better systems for on-the-day changes and a more logical medical form structure.

Open Roles: Assistant Director

Bristol players in a team huddle.


We've seen good success with the new QUK Discord, a new hub for all our community to chat outside events. Whether it's making memes or querying QUK, there's a channel in there for everyone!

The official tournament photos and video footage from the first half of our season are now being processed and released to the community. These will also be used to keep our website and resources fresh.

Work's also started on a new set of brandlines for QUK, covering logo usage, fonts and formatting, tone of voice, and more.

Open Roles: Assistant Director, Media Coordinator, Content Creator
Filled Roles: Tournament Media Officer

Tom Hutton crouched, waiting for brooms up.


After overseeing the crisis adjustments of the 2020/21 season, the Operations department are happily in the position to start setting aside money for development projects, rather than just essentials.

Of course, this will only be possible if everyone pays their invoices! Following our events these have been sent out to clubs and should be paid before the end of 2021. Contact us if you're having any issues there.

Open Roles: Assistant Director

A Southsea seeker wrestles with the snitch, James King-Nicholls, attempting to catch while a Chester seeker is blocked.


A provisional transfer window has been put together which will be shared with clubs shortly. Teams have also been in discussion with Expansion about merging the two departments, putting the development and sustainability of clubs under a single roof.

Josh Fogg stands in a come-at-me pose while on pitch and holding a Bludger


Aside from the recruitment mentioned elsewhere in this post, the department have continued their wellbeing check-ins with volunteers, started work on a sustainability in quidditch project, and the EDI committee have began planning events for the month to come.

The department is also producing a guide to inclusion regarding trans and non-binary players, specifically targeting club leadership and event organizers. This is currently with the EDI committee and will be released to a wider focus group in the coming months.

Open Roles: EDI Committee, Recruitment Officer
Filled Roles: EDI Committee Volunteers

Team UK await a referee decision from the sidelines linked arm in arm

National Teams

The scouts have continued their great work at the university fixtures, with two new scouts joining the team going into the new year. Volunteers from Team England were also on hand helping clubs at those fixtures too. Unfortunately Team Scotland training was cancelled due to a clash with Storm Arwen.

QUK has opened a discussion between the IQA and Team Scotland and Team Wales leadership regarding amendments to player eligibility, and finally the Presidential team will also be working with them on developing squad selection policies.

Filled Roles: Scout
Open Roles: Northern Quaffle Scout, National Team Media Coord (one per team)

Josh Fogg

By Josh Fogg
December 1, 2021

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