QuidditchUK Executive Management 2021

March 1, 2022

QUK's February 2022 Update


We're trialling this idea to help players get a better understanding of what UK quidditch's national governing body (that's us!) do month-to-month. These are intended to be more formal than our newsletter, serving as a monthly digest of our weekly executive minutes. Like this idea? Hate it? Thoroughly ambivalent? Let us know!

Matt Bateman looks off camera wearing a Referee shirt with with cards in his hand


This month has seen us working with other intentional bodies on EQC, EG, and of course the renaming of the sport. In particular, Matt Bateman (QUK's President) has taken up a position on the IQA's name change committee, helping bring the UK community's voice to the table.

Open Roles: President, Secretary


We received a few transfers after the transfer window closed, those have now been responded to. We've also continued to liaise with the new clubs at Royal Holloway and Birmingham.

Following the postponement of our southern fixture we had had a clash with the planned date for General Forum, so this will be rescheduled in March-April.

Filled Roles: Clubs Director
Open Roles:
Northern Expansion Manager

Events volunteers in their natual habitat.


We unfortunately had to postpone our second southern university fixture due to Storm Eunice and cancel our second northern university fixture, also due to weather impacting the venue.

Planning for our end of season awards continues and alongside that we're exploring various partnerships for this and future QUK events.

Filled Roles: Events Volunteers Officer
Open Roles:
Events Officer

Eamonn Harrison holds a red card while refereeing a Quidditch match


Our snitch field testing test is now ready for testing! Keep an eye out for more news at our upcoming events.

Quidditch Scheduler continues to be improved, with future updates potentially including integrating with scorekeeping app APIs.

Open Roles: Assistant Gameplay Director

Bristol players in a team huddle.


We've continued our work on QUK's brand guidelines and new initiatives for social media. Over the next couple of weeks we'll be doing a big campaign on social media about our open volunteer positions, so keep an eye on your feed for that!

Filled Roles: Content Creator
Open Roles:
Assistant Director, Content Creator, Media Coordinator, and Technology Officer.

Tom Hutton crouched, waiting for brooms up.


We're continuing to explore equipment initiatives, with orders of new supplies arriving soon for testing.

Following feedback from clubs, we're also investigating how Brexit may have impacted our partnership on club kits with Utility.

Open Roles: Director, Assistant Director

Josh Fogg stands in a come-at-me pose while on pitch and holding a Bludger


As well as the recruitment mentioned elsewhere in this post and our regular check-ins, we launched our new Conduct Policy hub. It features several guides worked on by various volunteers and members of our community for making the sport a more inclusive place.

Filled Roles: EDI committee members
Open Roles:
EDI co-chair focusing on gender, Recruitment Officer

Team UK await a referee decision from the sidelines linked arm in arm

National Teams

Team Scotland had their empowerment training in in Edinburgh and a full squad training in Stirling, and Team England had their training in London.

The scouts were all ready to do their thing and the university fixtures but unfortunately the weather had other ideas. They'll continue to scout players at events through the rest of the season.

Open Roles: Quaffle Scout, Team England Assistant Manager, Social Media Coordinators

Josh Fogg

By Josh Fogg
March 1, 2022

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