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November 29, 2018

QuidditchUK Operations Department Volunteering Opportunities


We recently talked to Josh Fogg, Operations Department Director, about what inspired their passion for volunteering for QuidditchUK and their hopes for the future of the Operations Department.

Looking after QuidditchUK’s finances, purchasing equipment and merchandise, and liaising with other departments are just a few of the tasks that the Operations Department undertakes. As the department looks to the future, the team are looking for three new volunteers to help them with the varied daily running of QUK; a great chance for anyone who wants to be more involved in the quidditch family. Josh gives more information on these roles for anyone that may be interested.

What is your background as a quidditch player?

I started playing for Manchester Manticores in January 2016 and instantly fell in love with the sport. Like a lot of quidditch players it was my first real experience being involved with a team sport, but I felt at home in the inclusive environment that comes with quidditch. I knew from fairly early on that I wanted to be more involved, so I served as Games Coordinator for the club in 2016/17 and then President in 2017/18. Both were great experiences. It was a pleasure working with a lovely committee and to see the club grow so significantly both in size and in talent.

What were you motivations to become a volunteer with QUK?

I’ll be the first to acknowledge that the QUK Operations Department doesn’t have a great reputation. Holding QUK to account over financial reporting was something I cared about a great deal as MUQC President, and I know it’s something many other clubs care about too. Towards the end of my time on Manchester’s committee, I decided that it was time to be the change I wanted to see. I volunteered to work within the Operations Department on more transparent financial reporting, or at least to do the day-to-day work, so that it could be more of a focus for others. The start of this process was hopefully seen in the BQC 2018 financial report and the 2017/18 season financial report, and we aim to keep building on it into the 2018/19 season and beyond.

What are your hopes for the department?

While transparency is definitely a key goal for me, there are other things I’d like the department to help QUK achieve over the coming year. More careful financial planning will hopefully allow us to set aside money in the long term for developing the sport in parts of the country where it’s currently underrepresented, as well as fulfilling popular requests such as high quality livestreams and match recordings without it coming at an extra cost to players. We’re also actively working towards incorporating in the near future so that we have a concrete legal standing going forward.

What positions are currently open in the Operations Department?

There are currently three positions which the department is recruiting for. The first is an Assistant Operations Director, who would play a key role in liaising with the Events Department and aiding myself with the responsibilities of the Operations Department. Ideally we’re looking for someone with a background in equipment and/or merchandise; those aren’t a strength of mine and are areas where QUK needs expertise to make sure we’re doing things right.

We’re also recruiting Financial & Operations Assistants. These roles help with the day-to-day business of the department. The duties include financial reimbursements, as you might expect, but also helping to create budgets for events, writing reports and aiding in the incorporation process. Experience as a treasurer or quidditch organiser is useful, but not necessary!

Open Inbox

If Josh’s interview has inspired any thoughts, comments or suggestions, let them know! The Operations Department is always looking for ways to improve what they do. Josh is happy to take questions from club reps at General Forums or via the QUK Clubs Slack, or more generally from anyone via

To find out more or to put yourself forward as a volunteer, visit

QUK Staff

By QUK Staff
November 29, 2018

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