July 18, 2017

Northern and Southern Cups Locations Announced for 2017


QuidditchUK is excited to announce the locations for the 2017/18 season’s Northern Cup and Southern Cup.

This year’s Southern Cup will once again be held at Millbrook Rugby Club in Southampton, this season on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th November.

This year’s Northern Cup will be held at Hallam Sports Park in Sheffield on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th November.

QuidditchUK received two bids for each regional with The Concord Sports Centre, Sheffield and Whiteknights Campus, Reading, being the alternative bids for Northern and Southern Cup respectively.

Although The Concord Sports Centre submitted a strong bid, and is also based in Sheffield along with the winning bid, the facilities on offer as part of the winning bid were clearly superior. Hallam Sports Park was chosen based on the availability of floodlights and the facilities it offered as part of Sheffield Hallam University.

Initially, Whiteknights Campus Reading University was selected as the location for Southern Cup 2017 due to the good facilities on site and it being a more central location for teams in the region. However when QuidditchUK attempted to confirm the booking, the venue informed us that they were not in fact able to host the event until December. Without the provision of floodlights hosting a tournament in December proved too impractical, as such, Millbrook Rugby Club, Southampton, has been chosen instead. Millbrook Rugby Club hosted Southern Cup 2016 and we’re confident that Southampton will once again prove to be a good venue.

Both Northern and Southern Cup are scheduled to take place later in the season than in 2016/17. This decision has been taken to give teams a greater chance to recruit and train before the regional competitions, in line with previous event feedback from our clubs. However, in a break from tradition the order of the regionals has not been switched, and it should be noted that the decision to host Northern Cup later in the season than Southern Cup for the second year in a row was due to the availability of floodlights at Hallam Sports Park.

Committee positions will open by the end of the week and will be found at https://quidditchuk.org/volunteer. Applications for the Regionals Committees will close on Sunday 30th July. Please direct any questions you might have to Tom Challinor at gameplay@quidditchuk.org.

QUK Staff

By QUK Staff
July 18, 2017

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