August 11, 2022

New Gameplay Announcements


Following recent announcements from both Quidditch Europe and the International Quidditch Association, QuidditchUK would like to announce the following clarifications and amendments to our policies for EQC spots, rules amendments, and the 3-max gender rule.

EQC spots

Quidditch Europe announced recently that the UK has been awarded seven spots for EQC Division 1 and two spots for EQC Division 2. QUK have decided to continue awarding a Division 2 spot to the winner of each of the university regional leagues, meaning that the seven Division 1 spots will go to the highest ranked teams from the community league after the completion of community fixture 3. As a reminder, we are intending to do promotion/relegation games at fixture 3 only instead of automatic promotion/relegation.

If a university league regional winner declines their spot, it will be given to the second placed team in their region. If the second placed team declines the spot as well, it will be awarded to the highest ranked community team that does not yet have an EQC spot.

IQA rule changes

The IQA announced the results of their rule change process recently and QUK will be incorporating these changes in with our existing amendments from 1st October onwards. This means that from 1st October the only differences between the IQA rulebook and what we will use in the UK will be:

- No defensive charging

- Wider hoop placement and tapping in on middle hoop only

- Shorter brooms allowable

- Game time cap of 45 minutes

Gender rule

One item that did not pass the IQA rule change process was the proposal to switch to a 3-max gender rule. QUK believes that this change is necessary to progress the principles of the sport but recognises that teams will need some time to prepare for this change. Therefore, we are announcing now that the 3-max gender rule will come into force from the start of the 23/24 season. This gives teams approximately 1 year to make any adjustments they need to ensure that they are able to safely play under this rule. This does not prohibit teams that wish to from voluntarily playing 3-max before the new rule comes into force.

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Josh Fogg

By Josh Fogg
August 11, 2022

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