April 6, 2021

New Fixed Term Policy For Executive Volunteer Positions


Back at the 2018/19 AGM we introduced an amendment to QuidditchUK’s constitution which gave every member of the Executive Management Team a fixed two year term. This change helps reduce EMT volunteer burnout and also adds an extra level of accountability into our management. For the first time since it’s implementation, this April we’ll be seeing this provision in practice!

Eamonn Harrison’s current term as Gameplay Director comes to an end on April 9th, and similarly Matt Bateman’s term as President on May 14th. From April 1st through to 30th both those roles are open to applications for anyone to apply for!

Both Matt and Eamonn intend to reapply for their positions with the hope of continuing their work overseeing the exit from COVID-19 and our move to the new season structure. As part of this process though anyone can apply for either role through a fair and open application process. If you know someone who you think would be a good fit for those roles do encourage them to apply.

Here’s what Eamonn has to say about being Gameplay Director:

The Gameplay Director position is a key one for helping shape the direction of the sport, especially after the fallow period we’re just starting to come out of. Being able to lead decisions on how match officials are trained, what the rules of the sport are within the UK, and how tournaments are structured to ensure fair and exciting competitions is very rewarding,

And here’s a little from Matt about being QuidditchUK’s President:

The role of President is maturing alongside the sport - it’s an exciting time to be a part of QuidditchUK with everything happening both in the United Kingdom and abroad. We’re now starting to see the first glimpses of maturity come into the community, and I’m really excited to continue to be a part of that growth and change as we enter a new chapter.

Other roles with terms ending this year are Vice President & Media (July), and Events (December). If you’re looking for a role with a little less responsibility, there are a bunch of other senior and junior positions currently listed on our website so definitely check those out!

QUK Staff

By QUK Staff
April 6, 2021

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