October 31, 2022

New Volunteers Director and Co-Events Directors join the Executive Team


QuadballUK are welcoming three new(ish!) faces on board as Directors ahead of the university season starting next month! We are proud to officially announce Fran Morris and Emily Hayes as our new Events Co-Directors, and Megan Golding as our Volunteers Director.

Co-Events Directors

We welcome Fran Morris back to QUK, this time as Co-Events director alongside Emily Hayes from Olympians Quidditch Club. We’re very excited to see the work our Co-Events Directors do!

Fran Morris

Fran began “accidentally [...] running tournaments in 2016 with Christmas Cup.” They went on to work on BQC 2018, Northern 2019 and a selection of Valentines Cups, including that one Valentines where there was a torrential rainstorm. Fran was previously in the Events Director Role in 2019, leaving at the end of their two year term.

“I am excited to be back to, without sounding too ominous, finish my unfinished business…”

Emily Hayes

Emily played for OUQC until 2016 then played for Tornadoes (RIP) until 2019. Recently Emily has been working in the QUK gameplay department as referee development coordinator. Before this they did “a whole host of committee things and volunteering for all of my clubs, including TDing Valentines 3 and 4.”

“I'm looking forward to getting to TD again and help support the development of our university teams!”

Volunteers Director

Overseeing the ever important recruitment and wellbeing of our volunteers is our new volunteers director Megan Golding. Megan follows Josh Fogg, who took on the QUK Presidency back in May and Interim Volunteers Director, Meredith Whiting, who is continuing her work as Assistant Volunteers Director.

Megan Golding

Megan started out at Winchester Wampus, playing university quadball before moving to London. As the London Unspeakables welcome officer they focused on recruitment and the wellbeing of players before finally finding a home with Werewolves of London this season.

"I'm looking to build a Volunteering Strategy to help QUK find the best and brightest volunteers to join the team as well as nurturing the talent we already have. If you think that could be you, I have a link you might be interested in."

Open EMT Positions

We’re still looking for a new Operations Director to join EMT, as well as a Vice President. If you’re interested in either of these positions, please get in touch!

Apply to Volunteer

Beck Throup

By Beck Throup
October 31, 2022

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