London Quidditch Club celebrate their BQC win by raising the trophy

April 12, 2019

London Quidditch Club win the 2019 British Quidditch Cup


This weekend saw the sixth iteration of the British Quidditch Cup, hosted in Newcastle at the Northumbria Sport University.

Almost 600 athletes across 31 teams from all over the United Kingdom came together, to crown a new national champion.

London Quidditch Club, in their inaugural season, took home the British Quidditch Cup after defeating two-time national champions, Velociraptors Quidditch Club, in a tight semi-final – before defeating the Werewolves of London in a grand finale that had both sides throwing everything they had at each other.

Velociraptors Quidditch Club went on to take the bronze medal against Southampton Quidditch Club, who have continued to prove they are still one of the best teams in the country; university or otherwise.

Warwick Quidditch Club defeated the Leicester Thestrals in a tight Lower-Bracket final, while Winchester Quidditch Club made a surprise run into the Top-16 after winning Development Cup and a spot at the British Quidditch Cup.

We’d like to thank the many volunteers we’ve had who made this season possible. 2018/2019 was easily the largest undertaking QuidditchUK have faced, and none of it would have been possible without the selfless help of our volunteers and officials who gave their time, talent, and resources towards making this year what it was.

A huge congratulations to London Quidditch Club on winning the national championship, and a further congratulations to all of our teams and athletes that competed this year. As the sport continues to grow and evolve, we’re growing increasingly excited as to what the competition will look like next year across both the university and community landscapes.

You can find the full final rankings for the weekend here.

Please leave feedback on the British Quidditch Cup here.

Photo Credit – Mark Hill Photography

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Matt Bateman

By Matt Bateman
April 12, 2019

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