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October 7, 2019

Launching the 2020 Vision


QuidditchUK are pleased to announce a brand new way of marketing our beloved sport to the volunteers of future events. Introducing the 2020 Vision, a system which gives our volunteers the spotlight to show how much amazing work that they do for us, giving us an opportunity to thank them and giving you the opportunity to become one of them!

Graphic for the 2020 Vision logo, which is a orange hexagon with the letter V and 2020 inside

2020 Vision logo used for all future media related to the project. Created by Samuel Instone

Abby Whiteley, the 2020 Vision’s curator, wanted to make her intentions crystal clear with this project:

“2020 Vision is about raising the profile of volunteering, getting positive information out there about what is happening behind the scenes, and engaging more with the community so we know how we can work together to make quidditch fantastic for everyone.”

Some of our aims that WE hope to achieve with 2020 Vision are listed here:

● To fill all tournament committee positions in 2019/20;

● To have at least 70% of clubs represented in QuidditchUK volunteering;

● To improve what we can offer to QuidditchUK volunteers.

What QuidditchUK will deliver:

● FREE travel and accommodation for non-playing volunteers at events;

● FREE food at tournaments for all volunteers;

● Continuous professional development for all volunteers and references for future employers as an incorporated company;

● Retrospective Volunteer Awards for the 2018-19 season (to be released shortly!);

● A comprehensive report on volunteering in QuidditchUK (November 2019);

● Chances to participate in QuidditchUK round tables about how we can improve volunteering (spring 2020);

● Volunteer Awards to celebrate publicly the people and teams which contribute the most (May 2020).


What YOU can offer:



Over the next couple of months, QuidditchUK will run a series of volunteer posts, highlighting specific individuals’ occupations within QuidditchUK and a few Q&A’s with their opinions and passions for various topics.


If you would like to be featured within this project to expose how much of a great job QuidditchUK can do with a strong set of volunteers, then simply, apply to volunteer!

Sam Instone

By Sam Instone
October 7, 2019

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