March 21, 2023

Josh Fogg Steps Down


After six years of volunteering with QuadballUK, Josh Fogg is stepping down as President.

Josh took on the position of President last year, following 5 years of work across various volunteering roles. They began their work with the executive team as Operations Director, where they vastly improved financial transparency from QUK, before moving into the Volunteers Director role.

Josh with EMT in 2018

As Volunteers Director, their role before taking on the presidency, Josh states how they’re especially proud of their work with QUK’s Trans Inclusion Resource, and the QUK Membership Survey. Both provided a great resource for the Quadball community, and making the sport more accessible and sustainable in the future.

Josh with EMT in 2020

Sustainable volunteering is something Josh carried through to the presidency; this past year they’ve worked on making the presidency a more manageable role, as well as working closely with the current volunteers department to ensure all department heads have reasonable workloads. This has included reducing the presidency workload from 30 hours a week to 10 hours a week, and a better distribution of volunteering hours throughout the organisation. If you’re looking to volunteer with QUK, now is the time to apply!

On their time with QUK, Josh had this to say:

“I’m looking forward to enjoying our sport as just a player, and handing over the leadership to someone with a new perspective. I’ve loved my last year in the role, and am particularly thankful for the great team who’ve supported me as we transitioned the presidency back to a volunteer position, rather than a compensated role as we’d hoped. It’s now time for someone who has the capacity to take on the position as a substantial voluntary role, rather than as a part-time job.”

Josh with EMT in 2022

QuadballUK will be pursuing a president who is able to take on the role as a volunteer, while we continue to focus on diversified funding and continued sustainable growth for the sport.

Josh will continue to serve as President until the end of the 2022/23 season, however QuadballUK has now opened applications for the role.

For those interested in applying, we strongly encourage you to reach out to Josh in order to discuss the role and where you would like both the future of the President and the sport to go.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Josh or current Volunteer’s Director Megan Golding, or via the contact form below.

Apply to Volunteer

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Beck Throup

By Beck Throup
March 21, 2023

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