Representatives from QPL, QuidditchUK and Enrich education sign papers

March 7, 2019

First UK Youth Quidditch Group established


The Quidditch Premier League, QuidditchUK, and Enrich Education are pleased to announce the creation of the Youth Quidditch Group, a formalised partnership that will see the three organisations further commit to developing youth quidditch in the UK and beyond.

The three organisations extended their agreement by a further five years after a successful one-year contract. The first year focused on naming Enrich Education as the exclusive Quidditch Premier League and QuidditchUK partner for youth quidditch services, and this is continued under the new contract.

Key areas of focus for the newly formed Youth Quidditch Group will be the scaling of youth quidditch sessions across the country through an affiliate membership and coaching qualification programme, providing access to quality standardised equipment for schools and youth clubs, establishing a standardised youth quidditch rulebook accessible for players of all ages, and the introduction of a youth league and a school membership programme from the Quidditch Premier League and QuidditchUK respectively.

“This is a massive step towards our ultimate goal – getting quidditch into every school across the UK, getting young people more active, and expanding the talent pathways in the sport to the adult game,” said Jack Lennard, Director of the Quidditch Premier League. “Enrich Education have done an incredible amount of work since we signed the initial contract with them last year, so it’s an absolute pleasure to be increasing the level of commitment to our partnership alongside our national governing body.”

“Suffice to say, our work with Enrich and QPL focussing on the youth side of the game is one of our biggest achievements to date,” said Mel Piper, President of QuidditchUK. “The creation of the Youth Quidditch Group is what will take our sport to the next level, and create a sustainable future and constant talent stream. Quidditch has already made such a positive difference to many children, providing an active outlet for those not interested in mainstream sports, and a way into reading for those already engaged in sport.”

“The last twelve months have clearly shown a huge appetite for quidditch, from schools and young people across the country. Quidditch is perfect for enhancing a school’s sports premium offer and engaging all pupils in physical activity,” said Matt Vaudrey, Director of Enrich Education. “We are delighted to have entered into a new, long-term agreement with QuidditchUK and the Quidditch Premier League. Some of the plans we have for the growth of the sport at a youth level are really exciting and will ensure that quidditch continues to contribute to sustainable improvements to the physical education, physical activity and sport on offer in schools.”

In the 2018 calendar year, a total of 58 schools and over 8400 young people participated in introductory quidditch events, in the North West of England. This number is set to double in 2019 and events will be taking place all over the country. The first ever regional school tournaments took place towards the end of 2018, and a national school competition is planned for the new academic year.

QUK Staff

By QUK Staff
March 7, 2019

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