August 22, 2023

Fees and Strategic Plan for 23/24 Season Announced


As the dust settles on a successful 22/23 Season, QUK has been hard at work preparing for the upcoming 23/24 Season. Following our previous announcement around Season Structure, we are now happy to confirm that the base season fees - Individual Membership & Trial Memberships, Club Memberships, and Additional Team Membership - are remaining the same as the previous season.

Individual Membership - £24

This membership must be purchased by all returning players to the sport, no matter how long you have been playing nor how long it has been between when you last played and the present day. (e.g. QUK's President, Dec Ramsay, must buy an individual membership as they will be entering their 6th competitive season)

Trial Membership - £15

This membership can be purchased by anyone who is brand new to the sport of quadball (e.g. Amanda Baillie, QUK's Secretary, has not played in a competitive QUK event yet)

Club Membership - £135

This fee covers your club's eligibility to compete at QuadballUK events throughout the season. Membership fee includes the cost of one team.

Additional Team Membership - £65 Per Team

This is a top-up fee to pay if your club has more than one team competing within the season (e.g. Olympians QC's Seconds team - Prometheans).

We are able to confirm these fees based on our strategic planning and budgeting for the 23/24 season.

We are still to confirm event fees for the 23/24 season as we finalise venues and costs, and will communicate those fees separately as soon as possible.

Strategic Plan 23/24

As per the QuadballUK Constitution, the President must “outline specific and measurable goals they wish to achieve” when appointed to the role, which must have clear parallels with the QUK core mission. The core mission has 4 pillars: growth, ability, sustainability and community. Our new President has developed goals in accordance with this mission and presented them to the Executive Management Team (EMT) and now the wider community. 

The goals follow the methodology known as Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). The purpose of these goals is to set an ambitious vision and for them to be measurable, adaptable, focused, and increase alignment. The OKRs will be tracked throughout the 23/24 season by the EMT and may be adapted internally based on how the season progresses.

OKRs are meant to be ambitious and stretch an organisation, so not every Key Result will be met. A rough expectation of setting OKRs is to aim for a 70% success rate - if all Key Results were achieved then the targets should have been higher, if none of the Key Results are met we were too ambitious.

Below are the 5 Objectives of the 23/24 Season and their supporting Key Results:

Fastest growing sport in the UK

- 650 Members

- 200 Trial Memberships

- 30 Participating Teams

- 3 Participating Uni Teams from outside the Russell Group

Best in Quadball player experience

- 75% Player Retention Rate

- Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +30 achieved and then maintained

- Event NPS of +30

Diversify our Revenue

- Net £5000 from non-player/club sources

- Run a ticketed event in 2024

- Change from Non-Profit Company

- 3 New Sponsorships

Non-Evil Global Domination

- 4 Teams in Top 16 at EQC Division 1 in 2024

- 2 Teams to Medal across EQC Division 1 & Division 2

- 1 of Scotland or Wales achieve a Top 60% finish (12th/20) at European Games or equivalent competition in 2024

- England to Medal at European Games or equivalent in 2024

Fix Volunteering In QUK

- Volunteer NPS of +30

- 40% of roles filled within 1 month of listing

- 100% outstanding Ref Reimbursements completed

- 15% Volunteers non-playing / retired

Anonymous Contact Form

Quadball UK also now offers an anonymous form. The Google form can be entirely anonymous, and is an opportunity for the quadball community to voice concerns, ask questions, and give us feedback. If you would like to be contacted about your message, there is a box to input your contact information.

Should you have any questions about our 23/24 OKRs please get in touch with Dec at or if you would prefer to stay anonymous, use our new anonymous feedback form above

Declan Ramsay

By Declan Ramsay
August 22, 2023

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