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February 5, 2019

Development Cup Structure


The following information covers the competitive structure of Development Cup, and breaks down the tournament format which will be used throughout the weekend.

British Quidditch Cup Qualification

At the start of the season, QuidditchUK stated that the top two teams from Development Cup would receive unseeded spots at the 2019 British Quidditch Cup (BQC).

Due to Portsmouth Strikers withdrawing their intention to compete at BQC 2019 we have now added a third BQC spot at Development Cup, that will go to the winner of the 3rd-4th playoff on Day 2.

Due to the proximity of BQC to Development Cup, QuidditchUK will waive the BQC 2019 Team Fees for those three teams who qualify via Development Cup. Members will still be expected to pay the BQC player fee.

Teams that combine squads, or utilise auxiliary players according to the Development Cup Team Eligibility Policy are ineligible to receive BQC spots regardless of their final ranking of the tournament.

In the event that a team cannot, or does not wish to attend BQC, their spot will be awarded to the next ranked team from Development Cup.

Gameplay Structure

Day 1 – Pool Play

Teams will be drawn into groups of 3-5, with the final number and size of the groups dependent on the number of teams in attendance. These groups will each have a first seed, with the remaining teams randomly drawn into the group.

In order to determine seeding, the ranks of teams that competed at regionals will first be re-numbered to include only the Dev Cup teams. For example, Loughborough (17th at Northern) and Norwich (15th at Southern) will both be ranked 1 within their region, and so on. After this re-numbering the tiebreakers will be:

  • Regionals Rank
  • Average QPD/Match
  • Average Game Time/Match

Each first seed will be randomly drawn into a group. The remaining teams will then be drawn into groups from a single pot. Where a team would be placed in the same group as another team from the same club, that team will be re-drawn.

After pool play has completed on Day 1, teams will be ranked according to the standard QuidditchUK ranking procedures.

Day 2 – Competitive and Development Bracket Play

The exact structure of Day 2 will be released once a final number of teams for the tournament has been confirmed.

Based on Day 1 performances the tournament will split into a competitive bracket of 8 teams competing for BQC 2019 qualification, with the remaining teams playing development matches. The format will be designed in order to provide a minimum of two games on Day 2 for every team.

For any questions or queries, please get in touch here. www.quidditchuk.org/about/contact-us

Matt Bateman

By Matt Bateman
February 5, 2019

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