October 12, 2021

Bitesize Guides Released


As we kick off the 2021-22 season, we’re excited to release our Bitesize Guides which give loads of hints and tips for new club committee members. University club leaders from the 2020-21 season have created resources giving advice on everything from fitness training to getting 21 people halfway across the country for a tournament! You can take a look at the new Bitesize Guides section here!

We know that this season might be particularly challenging for clubs following a season off, and knowledge may have been lost after people have graduated or moved to different clubs. These resources should fill some knowledge gaps and give ideas which you may not have thought of! 

If you’re curious about how to run a great social media account, keep your club motivated in between tournaments, or get your club’s finances in order, we hope that these resources will be a great start to your season. Volunteering with a quidditch club can be challenging work, but also incredibly rewarding and a great opportunity to develop skills which will support you in your professional life. We hope that these resources will help you grow as a volunteer, and support your club to be the best it can be.

Many thanks to Sam Frohlich, Scott Suri, Callum Brennan-Rich and Gemma Woolliscroft for their contributions to this project. Further thanks go to the players and community members consulted by our volunteers in creating their resources: Joshua Hartley, Emily Hayes, Caitlin Fotheringham, Rachel Sales, Josh Fogg, Rhiannon Hines, Daniel Camp-Blair, Mei To, and Beck Throup.

If you have any questions about the content of the resources, please get in touch with Abby Whiteley at vicepresident@quidditchuk.org

Abby Whiteley

By Abby Whiteley
October 12, 2021

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