November 22, 2021

Updated look at Quidditch in 2022


The Season So Far...

After wrapping the first half of the season with the Southern University League fixture on Saturday, we’re excited to give you an updated version of QuidditchUK’s plans for the remainder of the 2021/2022 season. Some alterations have been made to dates since our June update, however the structure of the season and tournaments remains unchanged. We have also confirmed venues for the majority of our remaining fixtures this season

This is the first season we’ve been able to implement the Community League, and feedback from both of these was positive. We began with two exciting community fixtures, one friendly fixture in Derby which had no competitive bearing, followed by the London fixture in October with 12 teams across 3 divisions. Congratulations to Werewolves of London Firsts, Olympians, and Werewolves of London Seconds for winning each of their respective divisions at this event. 

We’re aware of the developing Omicron situation, and intend to keep our teams and players updated with the plan as we move forward into 2022, and make sure we can play safely and in line with government guidance. Therefore, the following outline is subject to change based on coronavirus guidance issued by governments and local authorities in England, Scotland, and Wales. Any potential cancellations will be announced by 12th of January, to ensure teams have ample time to prepare.

What follows is a brief summary of the upcoming events, as well as any changes made from our initial plan for the season.

A time line with the logos for EQT, Southern and Northern University, BQC and DevCup, spanning from Frebruary to March.

TEAL = Southern Event with League. / MAGENTA= Northern Event within League. / NOTE: No official QUK events will be held in March.

Table containing the details for the upcoming season, including date, event and location, as detailed in the section below.
The EQT logo, an orange heptagon with a ring of stars and the letters "E, Q, T," in quidditch hoops, over the faded image of a chaser making a shot on hoops.

European Qualifier Tournament

The European Qualifier Tournament will be held over Saturday 12th - Sunday 13th February 2022 at Cardiff International Sports Campus, Leckwith. This tournament is opt in for both university and community teams, and top teams will be put forward to the European Quidditch Cup in Divisions 1 and 2, with 5 spots available in each division. The deadline for teams opting in to this tournament will be the 9th January.

In the event of cancellation, EQC spots will be awarded to teams based on current QUK results.

The Southern University logo, a teal heptagon with a lighter teal letter U covered by the nib of a pen, over the faded image of a keeper with the quaffle.

Southern University Cup

We will also be holding the second Southern University fixture at Leckwith Sports Centre in Cardiff on Sunday 20th February. This is altered slightly from our initial look at the season, which listed this fixture as being on the Saturday and in Southern England, but we’re excited for some Welsh quidditch, and look forward to welcoming back our southern university teams at this venue.

The Northern University logo, a magenta heptagon with a lighter magenta letter U covered by the nib of a pen, over the faded image of a keeper with the quaffle.

Northern University Cup

The second Northern University Cup fixture will be held at Inverleith Park in Edinburgh on Saturday 26th February. This is still awaiting some final confirmation, and we will add an update here and on social media when this fixture and location is confirmed.

British Quidditch Cup

The British Quidditch Cup will this year be held over the weekend of the 9th - 10th of April at Sheffield Hallam Sports Park, Sheffield. This will be an opt-in tournament for our Community Clubs, and qualification based for university teams. There will be 8 spots available for Northern teams and 4 spots available for Southern teams.

Development Cup

Development Cup will take place this year at Derby Rugby Football Club, and will happen in either late April or early May. The details are still being finalised for this event, and will be confirmed in early 2022. Whether this tournament is a 1 or 2 day event will be determined by the date and potential attendees.

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Beck Throup

By Beck Throup
November 22, 2021

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