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Community League Fixture 2

Derby Rugby Football Club
August 13, 2022

About Community League Fixture 2

QuidditchUK continues its 2022-2023 season with our second Community League Fixture event of the season, being hosted at Derby Rugby Football Club

Community teams will compete in a round-robin within seeded divisions across the one-day event, with promotion and relegation between the divisions for the next fixture.

Registration details

QUK Membership Required
Individual Registration Deadline
August 3, 2022
Individual Fee
Team Registration Deadline
July 20, 2022
Team Fee
Community League Fixture 2 logo

Event Guide

Click here to access the Event Guide, which contains all the details about how to get to the venue, overview of the day, facilities available, teams competing, and other frequently asked questions.

Heat Warning

With the Amber Warning for Extreme Heat this weekend, and temperatures expected to hit 30c please be aware that we will be using the new IQA water break recommendations for high heat. That means a 4 minute break at 15 minutes, then 2 minute breaks every 5 minutes after that.

Please also familiarise yourself with the symptoms of Heat Exhaustion ahead of Saturday, and make sure to drink plenty of water.

Division Results and League Standings

Division 1

1. Werewolves of London Firsts
2. London Quidditch Club A
3. Olympians
4. Werewolves of London Seconds
5. Velociraptors (Relegated)

Division 2

1. Phoenix Quidditch (Promoted)
2. Southsea Quidditch
3. Kelpies
4. Mammoths Quidditch Club

Division 3

1. Prometheans (Promoted)
2. London Quidditch Club B
3. East Midlands Vipers
4. West Country Rebels


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