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British Quadball Cup 2023

Sheffield Hallam University Sports Park
April 1, 2023 April 2, 2023

About British Quadball Cup 2023

The top teams in the country will battle it out in Sheffield over the 1st and 2nd April for the University and Community titles. The weekend will see over 400 players and volunteers come together from all across the nation!

Formats will be confirmed and released upon registration deadlines closing.

Referee quota

The British Quadball Cup is our flagship event, with games running across 5 pitches simultaneously. Quadball requires several match officials to partake in each game, and in order to make the tournament possible we do require that attending teams provide a certain number of qualified officials.

For teams in the Community Flight, we require each team to provide:

  • 1 Head Referee
  • 3 Assistant Referees
  • 1 Snitch Referee
  • 1 Snitch
  • 1 Snitch OR 1 First Aider

For teams in the University Flight, we require each team to provide:

  • 2 Assistant Referees
  • 1 Snitch Referee OR 1 First Aider
  • 1 Snitch

We require that Head Referees, Assistant Referees, and Snitch Referees are qualified through the IQA's referee qualification system. We will be accepting IQA referee qualifications valid for the 2020-22 rulebook, but we encourage officials to take the 2022-23 tests where possible and where the tests are available. We strongly encourage anyone volunteering as a Snitch to also complete the Snitch Referee qualification, but do not require this.

If your team feels that they cannot meet the referee quota, exemptions must be applied for before the registration deadline at 8pm on March 6th. Teams can apply for an exemption by emailing events@quidditchuk.org. If teams do not meet the referee quota, their speaking captain may receive a match ban at the start of the tournament.

Registration details

QUK Membership Required
Individual Registration Deadline
March 6, 2023
Individual Fee
Team Registration Deadline
February 13, 2023
Team Fee
British Quadball Cup 2023 logo

Tournament information

Medical form

All players and volunteers attending BQC must complete the medical information form.

Community Flight Groups

Group A

Werewolves of London Seconds
Phoenix Quidditch
East Midlands Vipers

Group B

Werewolves of London Firsts
Southsea Quadball
West Country Rebels

Group C

Olympians QC

Group D

London Quidditch Club A
Oxford Mammoths

University Flight Groups

Group A

Warwick Quidditch Club
Manchester Universities Quidditch Club
Bristol Bears
Stirling Quadball Club
United Welsh Universities Quidditch Club

Group B

York Horntails
Southampton Quidditch Club
Sheffield Quidditch Club
Oxford Universities Quidditch Club
Leeds Griffins Quidditch Club


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