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London Quidditch Club (LQC) was founded in summer 2018 by various athletes and graduates who had relocated to London and wanted to play with their friends in a competitive but friendly environment.

Since then, the club has gone from strength to strength, consistently medaling at the highest levels of UK Quidditch, most notably winning the 2019 British Quidditch Cup in our inaugural season.

We train weekly in Clapham, with our club consisting of both an A and B team, who compete across regional, national and international events alike - including the European Quidditch Cup.

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Latest News

LQC A celebrate their win at EQT raising the trophy

February 6, 2020

Victory at Last! LQC A Claims Gold At EQT 2020

Club Achievements

Medal: 1st LQCA European Qualifier Tournament 19/20
19/20European Qualifier TournamentLQCA
Medal: 3rd LQCA Southern Cup 19/20
19/20Southern CupLQCA
Medal: 1st LQCA British Quidditch Cup 18/19
18/19British Quidditch CupLQCA
Medal: 3rd LQCA European Qualifier Tournament 18/19
18/19European Qualifier TournamentLQCA
Medal: 2nd LQCA Southern Cup 18/19
18/19Southern CupLQCA
Medal: 2nd London Quidditch Club A British Quidditch Cup (Community) 21/22
21/22British Quidditch Cup (Community)London Quidditch Club A


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