What is Quadball?

Originally known as "quidditch", quadball was invented in 2005 in the United States and taking direct influence from J.K. Rowling's series, the sport had runaway success and quadball quickly grew across the country and expanded throughout the rest of the world.

Quadball is a fast-paced, mixed-gender, full-contact sport that is played in communities and universities by hundreds of players throughout the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. Seven players on each team compete to outscore their opponents by scoring the quaffle through the one of the opposition hoops, defending their own hoops with tackles and bludgers, and catching the flag to win the game.

Clubs compete against each other in teams of 21, with rotating squads of seven a side on pitch at any one time:

  • Three chasers, who defend the hoops and attempt to score against the opposition by shooting or driving the quaffle (a volleyball) through any one of the three hoops on the opposing side. A goal is worth 10 points.
  • One keeper, who defends the hoops and works with the chasers in an attempt to score against their opponent.
  • Two beaters, who attempt to disrupt opposition play by throwing bludgers (dodgeballs) at opposing players. There are three bludgers in play at any time. Any player struck by bludger thrown by the other team must drop the ball they are carrying, dismount their broom, and run back to their own hoops to tag back in before they can resume play.
  • One seeker, who must catch the flag. The flag is worth 30 points, and is attached to the flag runner; an impartial official who has the job of preventing either seeker from pulling the flag through evasion and physicality.

A broom is held between players' legs at all times. Any action taken by a player, including running, shooting, passing, catching, or tackling, must always be completed with the broom held between their legs. The broom adds a layer of skill and complexity to the sport, through a handicap which works the same way you must pass a ball backwards in rugby, or can only kick the ball in football.

Quadball is unique as the only full-contact, mixed-gender sport in the world, and welcomes trans and non-binary players. We celebrate the inclusion of those from the LGBTQ+ communities, and greatly encourage anyone from any background to take part it in our sport.

Today, quadball is played by tens of thousands of athletes around the globe, with local, regional, national, and international tournaments taking place every year. Whether you're brand new to sport, an experienced athlete, or just a passionate fan of the game or the books - there's a quadball club for you in your area.

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