Female quidditch player running with the quaffle along the pitch with another non-male chaser to support.

July 7, 2021

Announcing Post National Unlocking Amendments for UK Quidditch



With considerable changes lined up for England regarding Covid-19, read further to find out how this will affect quidditch. Wales remains under Covid-19 restrictions for the foreseeable future, so Welsh teams should continue to follow relevant guidance. The Scottish government has not yet confirmed its position regarding the end of restrictions.

With full-contact quidditch returning from the end of July, we encourage all our players to continue booking their vaccinations. If you’ve booked your second vaccine through the NHS website, you may be able to book an earlier appointment here!

Grey keeper attempts to throw ball into the hoop but the ball is blocked by Blue keeper, holding one hand up to protect the goal.


Following the English government’s announcement regarding the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions on 19th July, we can confirm that full quidditch training can be resumed in England from 19th July. This means the following:

  • Full-contact training can occur
  • No limits on the number of players attending
  • No further risk assessments need to be submitted
  • Friendly fixtures can occur between teams

Until further notice, quidditch in England and Scotland can be resumed under the same conditions as prior to Covid-19.

Scottish national team taking a kneel within 'brooms down' at European Games 2019 in Bamberg, Germany.


The Scottish government has not yet confirmed their position on ending restrictions.

If the Scottish government removes all restrictions, then all of the above will also apply to Scotland. In the meantime, please continue to follow guidance from QuidditchUK and Sportscotland. You can see our latest guidance here.

(Photograph by Ajantha Abey Photography)

Bangor Broken Broomsticks female chaser adjusts mouth guard and gets ready to run with the ball.


Some Covid-19 restrictions remain in place in Wales, which is transitioning from Alert Level 2 to 1. Non-contact quidditch can continue to be played in groups of up to 30. You can see all the Welsh restrictions which currently apply here.

Velociraptors Quidditch Club celebrating their British Quidditch Cup win in 2018!

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We are consulting with our clubs to confirm our 2021 events. Please encourage your club leaders to discuss this with you!

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Abby Whiteley

By Abby Whiteley
July 7, 2021

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