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October 1, 2019

Tournament Volunteers Needed


QuidditchUK are in need of Tournament Volunteers to ensure our events and season continue to grow in quality and standard.

You can find opportunities for Tournament Directors, and Assistant Tournament Directors. As well as roles for Media/Operations/Gameplay Officers. Travel and Accommodation costs are reimbursed in full for Committee Volunteers within the United Kingdom. If you want to get involved, please apply or get in touch with

With that being said, QuidditchUK has come to the decision that IF insufficient volunteer numbers are reached, then we will be forced to cancel tournaments. Much of last season was held up on the shoulders of a small collection of people throughout the year, many of those from EMT. Which we cannot and will not allow to happen again for this upcoming season.

The lack of volunteers resulted in several knock-on consequences

o   Lack of development of events and unable to implement exciting new ideas

o   Unable to research new venues and plan next season until post BQC

o   Not able to finish planning accredited events, delaying another season.

o Unable to progress on a ‘Tournament Toolkit’ (a resource for those within and external to QUK to plan tournaments)

Upon discussion with our Events Director, Genevieve Tyrell, it has become clear to EMT that if we want to continue sustaining QuidditchUK, then we must get more engagement from the wider community –

Last season was extremely difficult and put a lot of pressure on all the events department, as well as those linked to it. While we are very proud of their efforts, the pressure it put on volunteers is not sustainable and is linked to the burn out and departure of many involved.


We need to remedy this, to drive QuidditchUK events forwards and to develop new ideas and make sure the QuidditchUK season is strong and can grow.


QuidditchUK made mistakes last season linked to this, our failures include not publicising how bad things were and not looking at whether we could continue the full season earlier. Both of those are now being remedied and we have learnt from these, but there is work to do if we are to continue.

Positions for Regional Tournament Committee Members will be open until October 11th – Reminders will be placed on social media and sent to clubs in the lead up. If we do not have enough volunteers, the tournament will be cancelled.

Committee Positions for EQT, Development Cup, and BQC will open late November, and similar deadlines will be imposed to ensure a smooth tournament can be run.

We are aware that cancelling tournaments is a heavy response, but we cannot feasibly continue to run QuidditchUK events with such low volunteer numbers moving forward.

Further comments and questions relating to this can be emailed to or

Positions can be found on the Volunteers Page

Matt Bateman

By Matt Bateman
October 1, 2019

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