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August 21, 2023

QuadballUK Seeks Volunteers To Help Run Next Season and Beyond


QUK Wants YOU!

Thank you for all the responses we received from our previous call for volunteers to get the 2023/24 season underway earlier this year. A number of key vacancies have been filled - including a new President, Clubs Director, Gameplay Director, and Volunteers Director - and we are heading in a positive direction.

We still however have key departments looking for Directors to complete our Executive Management Team (EMT) and roles across the organisation that need filling.

Firstly, we are in need of a Media Director. Sam Instone is currently holding the position on an 'Interim' basis, after spending two years away from volunteering for QUK at an executive level. Media is essential to sharing key updates with the QUK community, maintaining QUK's brand, and facilitating regular engagement with our audiences and wider communities and partners.

We are also in need of a Technology Director. Michał Kreft has been our Technology Director since May but is looking for someone to step up and take the department to the next level. Technology looks after our infrastructure, our website, and our integrations with other platforms including Quadball Scheduler.

Lastly, we have all of our open vacancies listed below that are up for grabs for anyone who is hungry to make a difference. We especially encourage applications from those who are considering taking a step back from playing, to help shape the sport for the next generation.

If you want to learn more about any of our open roles, send us an email to volunteers@quidditchuk.org.

If you would like to apply to any of our open roles, please use the form provided down below and send off an application!

Junior Roles

Junior roles are typically 2 hours or less commitment per week, though some can reach 5-6 hours during peak times (e.g. around a fixture i.e. the British Quadball Cup).

We have the following Junior volunteering opportunities available:


Clubs Officer


Events Officer
Events Media Officer
Events Operations Officer
Events Volunteers Officer


EDI Committee Member


Finance Assistant


Team England Coaching Aide
National Team Coaching Trainee
Team Scotland Coaching Aide
National Team Scout
Team Scotland Media Coordinator


Technology Officer


Recruitment Officer
Wellbeing Officer

Senior Roles

Though slightly more varied, Senior roles are typically 2-4 hours per week with some reaching reaching 7-8 during peak times. Senior members of a department will be expected to attend most departmental meetings.

We have the following Senior volunteering opportunities available:


Midlands Expansion Manager
Northern Expansion Manager


Photography Coordinator
Video Coordinator


Assistant Gameplay Director
Flag Runner Development Coordinator


Scheduling Coordinator


Team Wales Assistant Manager

Executive Roles

Executive roles average 3-6 hours during the quiet periods of a season, making them the most varied role that QUK has to offer. They can reach 6-8 during peaks with some positions clocking more than 10 hours or more per week.

Executive level members (such as a National Team's Head Coach or Manager, a Department Director, or part of the Presidential Team) will have the responsibility of organising and leading all departmental meetings that they are responsible for. If applying for a department's Director role, there's also the requirement to attend the weekly Executive Management Team (EMT) meeting every week.

We have the following Executive volunteering opportunities available:


Media Director


Team England Manager
Team Scotland Head Coach
Team England Head Coach


Technology Director

Apply to Volunteer

QUK Staff

By QUK Staff
August 21, 2023

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