November 1, 2020

QuidditchUK Launches Urgent Autumn Fundraising Appeal


QuidditchUK are launching today an urgent appeal to raise money to keep QuidditchUK's doors open as COVID-19 continues to impact the 2020/2021 season. As previously mentioned in our financial reports, QuidditchUK has operational costs that would normally be covered by membership fees and the residual revenue from the previous BQC. We also have used money raised from BQC to offset costs for EQT and Development Cup; with no BQC in 2020 those costs were instead drawn from our financial reserves.

We need your help. For QuidditchUK to continue running, we need at least £3000 by the end of November to cover operational costs such as storage, liability insurance, and website hosting. It allow us to keep up with the releases of new resources that are accessible to clubs and their members through this difficult time.

Any memberships purchased now will go a long way in helping us continue to carry out our tasks all year. QuidditchUK are still a non-profit organisation who is staffed by volunteers and their love for change. We purely want to keep quidditch alive, and that means meeting all the costs that go into running an organisation.

Purchasing a 2020/2021 Membership is the best and easiest way to help keep quidditch alive in the UK. Purchasing a membership means:

  • Guaranteed payment for the 2021/22 season if no events are hosted from now until the end of the 2020/21 season. Your Individual Membership will be transferred over to cover access to competitions hosted next year.
  • Covers your player membership for playing with an official member team who is attending either Division 1 or Division 2 of the European Quidditch Cup 2021. (Separate EQC player/team fees will still apply).
  • If purchasing our 'Trial Membership' tier, your first event will be completely covered with no additional costs to the player fees for that tournament. (Separate team fee contributions may still apply from your club's end).
  • You'll be able to sustain the operational work that QuidditchUK does to keep clubs training with up to date guidelines and resources at least until early 2021
Graphic displaying the progress of the fundraiser showing 14% has been raised of QuidditchUKs target

To those who have already purchased a membership, thank you so much. If for whatever reason you aren't able to purchase a membership at this time, there are other ways to help out - check out our Volunteers page for our currently open roles, or even just by sharing our fundraiser on social media will be a huge help. We really appreciate any and all help in this difficult and uncertain time.

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QUK Staff

By QUK Staff
November 1, 2020

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