April 1, 2022

Introducing QuidCoin! QuidditchUK to release Exclusive line of NFTs


Introducing Quidcoin!

QuidditchUK are exited to announce the release of our very own NFT collection ahead of BQC 2022. The exclusive collection of commemorative NFTs are a celebration of quidditch past, centred around the theme "Classic Quidditch Moments." This is a monumental release as it comes in our tenth year as a sport, and ahead of our biggest and stonkest BQC ever.

The project represents a bold move from QUK to embrace new and emerging technologies whilst staying true to our roots. And now is your once in a lifetime chance to OWN several of the moments that defined QuidditchUK as a sport, organisation, and a community.

The collection of six exclusive NFTs represent different moments from our history as a sport. With a rumoured 7th phantom set to be a limited release before mysteriously vanishing.

You can own the moment Doug's whole world collapsed, the literal fear in Dan's eyes, the pain in Newton's heart. All can be yours, today.

The full collection can be seen below.

The Coins

The Moment

You can own the very instant Doug's world came crashing down.

The Flight

The exact instant Heynes discovered real quidditch flight can be yours.

The Name

An anonymous figure, own their likeness and you can discover the spelling of their legendary title.

The Fear

Even when it was Dan's bludger, it was still Lucy's bludger.

But now it's your bludger.

The Mind

With this purchase, you will become the new bludger. And in effect, all bludgers will now be named after you.

The Fall

Revel in victorious delight, or defeated disgrace. The yin and yang of the moment is reflected in your coin.

Presidential Excitement!

When asked about his hopes for the move, President Matt Bateman had this to say:

This represents a huge milestone in the growth of the sport, and we're excited to see how this funds and Elon-gates our future ventures.

We believe this to be the very pinnacle of quidditch media, and with our soon to be announced line of Bored Snitch Bludger Club, we know that this will cement our image to the moon and beyond

The NFTs will be available for sale as a limited run from 1 April up until BQC 2022. Collection will NOT be available for these at BQC as they are non-fungible.

Beck Throup

By Beck Throup
April 1, 2022

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