February 16, 2022

New Guides from QuidditchUK


QUK Releases New Conduct Guides

We are excited to announce our new Conduct Policy hub, complete with guides focused on making the sport a more inclusive space.

The three new guides cover racial discrimination, trans and non-binary inclusion, and making complaints, but as part of creating the hub we've also refreshed our existing guide on recognising and reporting sexual harassment. Below we've given a quick rundown of what each resource includes.

Going forward, the conduct hub will also host investigation reports from past complaints (only when safe and appropriate to release them publicly) so that members can see how we respond to issues raised. It's also hoped that this will be useful for organisers of community tournaments, for example to see if potential attendees have any outstanding penalities.

Racial Discrimination

Our EDI Committee was created with the aim of bettering representation and input into the running of QuidditchUK from Black, Asian, and ethnic minority community members. An output of conversations since has been the need for a resource covering racially motivated discrimination within our community. Topics this guide coveres include basic definitions, recognising different types of discrimination, reporting racial discrimination, and what response can be expected from QUK.

Work on this resource was lead by our committee chair, Rudi Obasi-Adams, with input and review from the wider committee. The guide can be found at the link below.

Trans and Non-Binary Inclusion

This guide is aims to enable club leadership and tournament organisers to better include trans and non-binary people in their work. That said, we hope it's advice will be useful more widely in making quidditch a better space for its players, volunteers, and community. Topics covered include basic definitions around gender, gender in games, respecting pronouns, targetting events towards specific genders, and handling gender as part of positional rotations.

Work on this resource was lead by the Volunteers Director, Josh Fogg, with significant input and review from a diverse community focus group. To further similar work in future, we're recruiting for an EDI committee co-chair focused on gender. If this sounds of interest to you, drop us an email! The guide itself can be found at the link below.

Making Complaints

We're aware that, clocking in at 14 pages, our Conduct Policy which outlines our complaints process can be intimidating, particularly for those in a vulnerable situation. However, a sizeable chunk of that information is primarily for QUK volunteers, helping us handle complaints consistently and fairly.

This new guide gives a simple summary of our complaints process, broken down step by step, and only including what's needed by someone submitting a complaint or appealing a decision. This resource was written by our Volunteers Department and reviewed by members of QuidditchUK. It can be found at the link below.

If you have any feedback on these resources or have suggestions for future guides, get in touch with the Volunteers Department, either by email or using the contact form below. We would love to hear from you! You might also be interested in our Bitesize Guides, available with many other resources here.

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Josh Fogg

By Josh Fogg
February 16, 2022

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