Southsea Quidditch Beater throws a bludger at Werewolves of London seeker who is attempting to avoid the ball

September 3, 2021

Second Community League Fixture set for London


Location and Logistic Details

Just in time for our first community league fixture this weekend, we're happy to confirm the details of our second Community League fixture on October 9th. Further logistical detail can be found on the Event Page.

As with the September fixture, teams and players should register through Quidditch Scheduler.


Kings House Sports Ground

Riverside Drive

London W4 2SH

Registration Deadlines



Team Registration

Friday 17th September at 8pm

Player and Volunteer Registration

Sunday 26th September at 8pm

Spectator Registration


Referee Requirements

Each attending TEAM (not club) must provide the following referee quota.

For scheduling reasons, only up to 50% of a quota can be provided from a second or third team within the same club.

  • ONE Head Referee
  • ONE Snitch Runner
  • FOUR of any combination of Assistant Referees and/or Snitch Referees
  • ONE additional Snitch Runner OR First Aider

Teams will also be assigned Goal Referee and Scorekeeping / Timekeeping slots.

Referees must be qualified under the current IQA 2020 Ruleset with QuidditchUK amends.

There will be safety measures in place at the tournament. For tournament attendees, measures will include the following:

Attendees must provide a valid NHS Covid Pass on arrival.

Attendees must register as a spectator, player, or volunteer before attending the tournament.

Attendees must not attend the tournament if they or anyone in their household:

  • Has shown any symptoms of Covid-19 in the 10 days preceding the event.
  • Has tested positive for Covid-19 in the 10 days preceding the event.
  • Has received a notification from the NHS Track and Trace app asking them to self-isolate.

Should attendees be unable to attend the event due to any isolation measures, they or their club should contact the Events Department as soon as they become aware of this.

Attendees must check in at the venue using the NHS Test and Trace app, subject to venue regulations.

Attendees required to wear masks inside buildings.

Attendees encouraged to wear masks outside while not actively playing in games.

Social distancing is encouraged between games.

International travel for the purpose of attending quidditch tournaments is strongly discouraged.

Limited numbers of attendees are allowed in buildings and/or changing rooms at all times.

Attendees must avoid congregating in changing rooms once they have changed or collected their equipment.

Brooms and balls will be regularly disinfected between games.

Where possible players and teams should bring their own brooms. QuidditchUK will still supply brooms throughout the event.

Players are to bring their own headbands and minimise sharing of personal equipment.

Head Referees are to bring their own whistles and cards. No spare cards or whistles will be offered to reduce risk of transmission.

Snitch Runners are to bring their own shorts and snitch socks.

Players are encouraged to avoid shouting near others, since it increases likelihood of droplet transmission. Though we do appreciate this is not always possible or practical in a gameplay environment.

These may be expanded to include further restrictions. Restrictions and the entire running of the events in the 2021-22 season may be changed depending on the situation. QuidditchUK may choose to enforce further restrictions or cancel events entirely if:

  • Government or regional restrictions change regarding the hosting of events during the pandemic.
  • Further variants of concern emerge.
  • Too many players or volunteers are required to self-isolate preceding the event. 
  • Other changes occur which mean that the event is deemed unsafe or unfeasible to run.

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Beck Throup

By Beck Throup
September 3, 2021

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