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August 6, 2019

Announcing the Annual General Meeting 2019


On the 27th August 2019, QuidditchUK will be hosting our Annual General Meeting (AGM) before the beginning of the 2019-2020.

The National Governing Body of Quidditch in the UK has undergone a large amount of structural amendments over the previous season. We would like to take this opportunity to make important information aware to our members, adding to our transparency between ourselves and clubs of the sport.

Clubs attending this year’s AGM (so far):

• Bath Quidditch Club

• Bristol Quidditch Club

• Bournemouth Banshees

• Durham University Quidditch Club

• Edinburgh Holyrood Hippogriffs

• Exeter Eagles

• Keele University Quidditch Club

• Leeds Griffins

• Liverpool Quidditch Club

• London Quidditch Club

• London Unspeakables

• Loughborough Longshots

• Manchester Universities Quidditch Club

• Nottingham Nightmares

• Olympians Quidditch Club

• Oxford Universities Quidditch Club

• Sheffield Quidditch Club

• St Andrews Snidgets

• Southampton Quidditch Club

• Tornadoes Quidditch Club

• Tremough Quidditch Club

• University of Leicester Quidditch Club

• Velociraptors Quidditch Club

• Warwick Quidditch Club

• Werewolves of London

• Winchester Wampus

• York Horntails

For this year’s AGM, the following topics covered will include: 

• The Financial Report for the 2018/19 season.

•  Constitutional Changes.

•  Venues for upcoming QuidditchUK events.

•  Goals going forward.

Several members of the Executive Management Team (EMT) will be attending the event to represent QuidditchUK within the format of the AGM. This meeting will have appearances from: 

• Matt Bateman (President)

• Abby Whiteley (Vice President)

• Josh Fogg (Operations Director)

• Harry Smith (Development Director)

• Francesca Vigilante (Secretary)

Please note that minimum time will be given for questions and answers, as well as feedback. No further topics may be submitted for the agenda. However, you can contact QuidditchUK volunteers on their relevant emails after the AGM has finished as well. 

QuidditchUK’s Annual General Meeting for 2019 will be hosted on Google Hangouts, starting at 19:00 on August 27th. We anticipate the meeting will take no more than 90 minutes. Attending clubs will receive a meeting to the link prior to the forum start.

We strongly encourage that a representative from each club is able to attend the AGM as the more representation we have of UK Quidditch will ultimately bring a wide range of curiosity, making the meeting more engaging.

Furthermore, to continue our work with Sport England, we have a requirement to meet a minimum quorum for the AGM of 50% of our registered clubs. If we have an attendance of less than 20 QuidditchUK Clubs, we will not able to hold this meeting.


At this point in time, all clubs should have received an email from us regarding the AGM. Clubs that are attending should confirm via email with their club name and club representative by August 25th.

If you have not received an email, please let us know by emailing


For any other questions or comments, please get in touch via the contact form.

Sam Instone

By Sam Instone
August 6, 2019

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